Peggy Slagle


Having to adjust your pathology coding to fit annual CPT® and ICD-10 changes is a given. But without good instruction, you'll be driving into 2019 without a reliable GPS. So what's the best way to produce coding claims that are error-free, fully-reimbursable, and great for your path/lab practice?

The answer: Join coding specialist Peggy Slagle for this boot camp that will cover not only the coding updates you need to know, but also the compliance issues, challenges, and audit guidance vital to your practice's survival in 2019. Start off on the right foot, and get ready to see increased revenues in the coming year!


CPT® and ICD-10 Laboratory and Pathology Coding Updates

Duration: 90 minutes | CEU: 1.5 AAPC CEUs

Achieving correct coding and billing accuracy for pathology services has never been as important as it is now. You’ll have to deal with 51 new codes in the pathology section of CPT®—with 46 in molecular pathology alone—as well as 1 revised and 4 deleted codes. Aside from this, there are 44 new proprietary laboratory codes you need to know about to keep your claims clean. But that’s not all: the 2019 ICD-10 codes include 279 new codes, 51 deleted codes, and 143 revised codes. And as of October 2018, there will be 71,932 active ICD-10 codes.

Turbocharge your productivity with pathology coding expert Peggy Slagle. Learn how the code changes in pathology will impact your lab test reporting in 2019. Slagle will review the 51 new CPT® codes, as well as the 4 deleted and 14 revised codes (all in molecular pathology). She will bring you up to speed with reimbursement information for the new CPT® codes, including the crosswalk of CPT® codes. After attending this instructive session, you’ll walk away with valuable information that you can use in your pathology and/or the private office setting right away. Plus, you’ll know how to document and support the new codes to ensure that you can file clean claims and earn what your pathology lab truly deserves in 2019.

Anatomic Pathology

Duration: 90 minutes | CEU: 1.5 AAPC CEUs

Anatomic pathology does not change often. But many times there are new methodologies to perform specific tests – and you need to know them. In this session, Peggy Slagle will show you how to properly assign CPT® codes for anatomic pathology and cytopathology per specimen(s), and tell you what pathologists should watch for in molecular diagnostics and cytogenetics. Slagle will teach you how to bill for multiple anatomic pathology specimens and code add on procedures, and bring you up to speed with your lab’s documentation requirements. After attending this session, you’ll be confident in your ability to document and support the new codes in anatomic pathology, avoid claim denials, and get prompt, equitable reimbursement.

Compliance and Regulatory Updates

Duration: 90 minutes | CEU: 1.5 AAPC CEUs

In today's competitive environment, you need to ensure that compliance fundamentals are not overlooked in your haste to cut cost and run lean. With tougher payer audits, higher recovery demands, and increasingly stringent enforcement policies, you need to step up your focus on compliance more than ever before. This session with coding expert Peggy Slagle will bring you up to speed with the key CMS regulations that will impact your ability to get paid for your lab and pathology services. Slagle will walk you through some of top compliance and regulatory issues you are faced with on a regular basis. You'll learn how important it is to set up plan parameters, and maintain a compliance plan that best fits your pathology practice's needs. You'll also learn how to: develop a compliance plan, stay in compliance mode throughout the year, and measure your lab's compliance standards so that you can promptly address all the deficiencies. After attending this session, you'll be confident in your ability to discuss regulatory issues with your superiors, and implement a compliance plan that works best for your lab.

Auditing for Pathology

Duration: 90 minutes | CEU: 1.5 AAPC CEUs

Pathology audits can be overwhelming, both for clinical laboratories and those performing pathology procedures. But not if you know how to do an internal and external audit! In this session, pathology coding maven Peggy Slagle will teach you how to review your current auditing process, and create a strong internal audit process. Slagle with show you how to perform both internal and external audits, tell you what an auditor is looking for, and who should be performing the audits. She'll bring you up to speed with the CPT coding updates for anatomic pathology, review specific specimens, and show you how to code a specimen not on the CPT list. You'll learn how to code and document add on CPT codes, about the attestation requirements for physicians in a teaching facility, and why it so important to put an auditing and review process in place. You'll take important information back to your clinical lab or pathology department with a greater understanding of the importance of internal and external audits, and also know how to perform internal and external audits. Plus, you'll be confident in your ability to audit proof your pathology reports in 2019.