Coding for Urinary Stone Disease

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Michael A. Ferragamo, Jr., MD, FACS
60 minutes
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Learn to Accurately Code and Bill for Stone Disease of the Urinary Tract

The treatment of stone disease of the urinary tract is an everyday event for most urological practices. Recent changes in diagnoses with the new ICD-10 code sets, new treatment clinical scenarios, and changes in billing policies for both Medicare and commercial carriers make coding for these services confusing even to many new and experienced coders.

This session with expert urologist Dr. Michael A. Ferragamo will provide you with an understanding of the new rules to enable you to properly and accurately code and avoid mistakes that may lead to audits and subsequent loss of revenue. You will also receive tools and benefits after attending this session, such as coding tips and references to actual clinical cases and scenarios. This session will enhance your education and learning of the coding for these stone services so you can receive correct reimbursements and avoid denials.

Session Highlights

  • A re-review of the new ICD-10 diagnostic codes to be used for stone disease in the urinary tract
  • How and when may one bill for an office visit after a treatment for stone disease
  • Review of the coding rules for treatment of multiple stones within the urinary tract
  • Coding for ureteroscopic treatment of bilateral stones during one encounter
  • How to code for percutaneous nephrostolithotomy, PCNL, to receive optimal reimbursements
  • How to use the various modifiers when coding for the treatment of ipsilateral multiple stones
  • Coding for treatment of small, large or multiple bladder stones
  • Proper coding for placement, removal, and removal and replacement of stents or ureteral catheters
  • How to code for "second look" procedures when treating stone disease of the urinary tract
  • How to code for treatment of stones within intestinal urinary diversions

Session Agenda

  • ICD-10-CM chapter 14: Urinary calculi
  • Renal calculus ICD-10 N20.0
  • Genitourinary and congenital calculi ICD-10-CM chapters: 14, 17, and 19
  • Codes for ureteroscopic treatments for urinary stone disease
  • Endourological stone coding update 2017
  • Description of procedure 52356*
  • AUA/CMS coding rules for multiple stones
  • New HCPCS modifiers for 2015
  • 2017 Medicare payments with the new Modifier XU in place of -59
  • 2017 Medicare payments
  • Endourology coding update
  • Ureteroscopy codes for stone disease 52352, 52353, 52356
  • Endoscopic urological coding
  • Coding for treatment of bladder/urethral stones
  • Endoscopy of intestinal diversions used in urology CPT 2016/2017
  • Urology coding update intestinal surgery in urology

Who Should Attend

  • Urologists
  • Non-physician providers
  • Coders
  • Billers
  • All staff/office personnel involved in the certification, prior authorization, coding, and posting of payments for the treatment of urinary stone disease

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About Our Speaker

Michael A. Ferragamo - Urology Coding Expert

Dr. Michael A. Ferragamo, Jr., MD, FACS, is the former chief of urology of Hempstead Medical Center and of Franklin Medical Center of Long Island, New York, and presently is assistant clinical professor of urology, State University of New York, Stony Brook School of Medicine. Michael is a consulting editor for Urology Coding Alert and is a coding consultant for many private practices across the United States as...   More Info
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