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AudioEducator Technical help

To listen to pre-recorded AudioEducator conferences online, your computer must have the following System Requirements (click the link to download the software if needed):

For slow internet connections or if the audio playback is choppy, click the pause button and leave the page open.  After several minutes, click the play button again to resume the audio.


If you are unable to view a webinar, please check with your IT or Systems Administrator to determine if your system meets the requirements we've listed above. AudioEducator is not responsible for technical problems or errors caused by customer equipment.


For immediate assistance call 1-866-458-2965.


Please note: Conferences will not play on the AOL browser.


To determine whether your computer equipment will correctly play a pre-recorded event from AudioEducator, please visit this link, log in, and proceed to play the 5-minute sample file.


We recommend you test playback several days before the event for troubleshooting purposes.

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