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Fail to take appropriate steps to curb incidental uses and disclosures of PHI, and you could easily find yourself running into a brick wall of irate patients and potential HIPAA violations.

So what is an incidental use or disclosure? Basically, it’s a disclosure of protected health information to somebody who’s not supposed to have it, but it’s incidental to performing your day-to-day operations, experts say. One of the most common examples of an incidental disclosure would be one patient overhearing a PHI-laden conversation in an adjoining room between a physician and another patient.

Such incidental disclosures are permitted under HIPAA’s final privacy rule, but only if two very important conditions are met.

Having expert tips like these means that you don’t have to sweat a HIPAA audit. Get practical HIPAA compliance advice with Audio Educator’s expert audio conferences.

If you order more than three audio conferences, you will reap substantial savings — the more you choose, the more you save.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose 3 audio conferences for $399 to get upto 32% discount. Pick more to get more discounts of up to 50%!
  • Get 1 AAPC CEU or 1 AHIMA CEU with majority of  coding/billing/compliance conference
  • Choose the training formats per your preference – On-demand/DVD recordings/PDF transcripts.
  • Contact customer service if you need help to create a customized bundle.

You can contact customer service at 1-866-458-2965 or email to for help.

In this case, the more you learn, the more you save.

Select any 3 or more conferences. Choose more, save more!
HIPAA Compliance Virtual Boot Camp 2018 by Jim Sheldon-Dean
Price: $499.00
Active Shooter: Break the Freeze and Survive by Alain Burrese
Price: $227.00
HIPAA Compliance Virtual Boot Camp 2017 by Jim Sheldon-Dean
Price: $399.00
New CMS CoPs Virtual Boot Camp by Sue Dill Calloway
Price: $399.00
MACRA & MIPS Virtual Boot Camp 2017 by Mike Schmidt
Price: $399.00
Health Plan Recoupment Defense - Fight Back! by Thomas J. Force
Price: $227.00
OPPS/APCs Final Changes for 2018 by Duane C. Abbey
Price: $227.00
Telemedicine – Increase Patient Volume by Overcoming Compliance Barriers by Dr. James Dunnick and R. Scott Dunnick
Price: $227.00

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