My name is Valerie Scheidt, but people call me Valerie Scheidt. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an MBA, CP-FS at

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Valerie Scheidt  - Food Safety Consultants

Valerie Scheidt - MBA, CP-FS

Learning and performance expert, speaker, writer, consultant and facilitator, Valerie Scheidt, MBA, CP-FS is the founder of Keystone Quality, LLC, an Arizona-based consulting firm with expertise in food safety, compliance, performance improvement, change management, procedural enhancement, and knowledge transfer. Keystone’s mission is to create more positive and productive workplaces while aligning performance strategy to organizational goals.

Valerie is a former Quality and Training executive who held prestigious leadership positions within industry and consulting groups. Her career includes 15 years of quality, compliance, organizational leadership, and consulting within Fortune 500 firms. She holds an Executive MBA focused upon organizational excellence and project management. As a leader in organizational learning and training, she has inspired global organizations to adopt best-in-class practices and has produced successful outcomes through effective and sustainable engagement of the workforce. She has contributed her knowledge to several publications, and serves as a consulting editor for an industry trade magazine.

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