My name is Janine Curll, but people call me Janine Curll. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an at

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Janine Curll

Janine Curll

Janine Curll BSc (Microbiology) LLB MAIFST PhD Candidate (Monash University) is principal consultant of Food Labelling Matters, a consulting practice devoted to food regulatory affairs, strategy, and compliance (

Curll’s work is based on nearly 20 years of experience in legal and scientific research, investigation, and compliance and regulatory systems. She has worked for plaintiff and defendant law firms, state food regulator the NSW Food Authority, and universities. She is an acknowledged expert in food labelling regulations and business compliance in Australia and New Zealand.

At the NSW Food Authority, Curll investigated and prosecuted serious breaches of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, including false description and labelling noncompliance. She commenced a PhD (law) in 2014, examining the Australian food control regulatory framework and the emerging policy goal of preventing food fraud. In August 2015, the Australian Business Law Review published the first academic contribution on food fraud in Australia.


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