Write & Enforce Effective SOPs

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Wed, Jul 18, 2018
90 minutes
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Write SOPs That Get Read

Writing and enforcing effective standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be challenging. Any professional working in a regulated industry—from quality assurance techs to R&D, IT, and manufacturing managers—must know how to organize and deliver technical information effectively. Your SOPs and work instructions must be clear, concise, and targeted at an intended audience for an intended purpose if you want readers to actually read and understand how to perform their job functions well and safely.

Learn how to write successful and compliant SOPs with the help of quality assurance consultant Joy McElroy. She will show you how to produce well-written, succinct, readable SOPs that support the specific activities of your department, unit, or business. And she’ll explain the SOP mandates set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulators. You’ll get an in-depth tutorial that includes tips for revising your own and others’ writing, correcting grammar, structuring the SOP appropriately, and adjusting your language for a particular audience and effect.

After attending this live webinar, you will be well prepared to produce effective SOPs and work instructions that meet federal standards and keep workers productive and safe. Plus, you’ll be able to use your newly refined skills to write and revise almost any kind of critical project document.

Session Highlights

After this webinar, participants will know how to:

  • Apply documentation mandates set forth by the FDA, the International Organization for Standardization, and other regulators
  • Produce effective written correspondence
  • Assess and write for an audience
  • Organize and deliver information based on the message
  • Structure SOPs
  • Create grammatically sound passages
  • Select active and passive voices appropriately and for effect

Who Should Attend

  • Scientists, engineers, and technicians in research and development
  • Quality assurance professionals
  • Engineering/validation professionals
  • Information technology professionals
  • Manufacturing professionals
  • Administrative staff who prepare documentation to support manufacturing operations
  • Anyone who wants an in-depth, comprehensive overview of the structure of the language and writing used in the reporting that the industry requires


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About Our Speaker

Joy McElroy

Joy McElroy made her debut in the pharmaceutical industry in 1992 at Pharmacia & Upjohn performing environmental monitoring and sterility testing after earning a degree in zoology at North Carolina State University. She moved into a supervisory role at Abbott Laboratories where she oversaw their Quality Control Lab.  In 1998 Joy moved to Wyeth Lederle and worked in Quality Assurance, performing GMP Compliance audits, batch record reviews, and...   More Info
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