Defining the Public Health Risks of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

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Tue, Jun 03, 2014
60 Minutes
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Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals and Risks they pose to public health

Counterfeit in Pharmaceutical sector is a growing problem in both scope and scale. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 30% of pharmaceuticals in developing countries are counterfeit. Pharmaceutical companies get into risk with the counterfeiting problems as it negatively impacts their brand reputation and diminishes returns on new drug development. Equally important are the health risks at both the patient and population levels. While a counterfeit pharmaceutical can have different effects on a consumer or patient, counterfeits pharmaceuticals also introduce various public health risks. For example, patients can lose trust in health care providers when counterfeits are very publically discovered in established pharmaceutical supply chains.

This session by Douglas C. Moyer, PhD, CPP will provide participants a full understanding of counterfeit pharmaceuticals including the various types of counterfeiting along with their unique effects on patients and populations. This awareness will enable practitioners, health care officials, and pharmaceutical companies to adopt anti-counterfeiting strategies that include effective and efficient tactics. This will improve the public's health and better protect brand owners' current and future profits.

The lure of huge profits through counterfeiting is eroding the pharmaceutical companies' traditional return-on-development business case. Simultaneously, counterfeit pharmaceuticals pose a growing public health threat. Risks are compounded by patients and consumers that unknowingly - or otherwise, acquire pharmaceuticals through rogue internet pharmacies. Gain knowledge now to better prepare for the global battle to protect the public's health and profits.

Training Objective:

  • In this program, you’ll learn the diversity and complexity of counterfeiting in general and pharmaceuticals in particular.
  • This program will reveal how counterfeit pharmaceuticals pose risks at both the patient and population levels.
  • The various types of patient conditions, counterfeit types, and patient reactions will be presented.
  • The various risks at population levels will be presented including the potential for detection.
  • Participants will learn why a multi-disciplinary approach is required to understand the problem including how packaging science, supply chain management, and crime science can contribute to solutions.
  • This program will provide a Counterfeit Drug Risk Matrix for understanding the complex problem and for focusing risk mitigation efforts.
  • Includes population-level effects such as misplaced trust (e.g., consumers’ acceptance of rogue Internet pharmacies) and lost trust (I.e. damaged brand reputation, etc.)
  • Teaches that effective and efficient tactics (i.e. Packaging security features, supply chain enhancements, etc.) cannot be chosen before data-driven anti-counterfeiting strategies are formulated
  • Describes how “big data” is not necessary – only the right data is needed, for conducting clustering analysis of counterfeiting incidences
  • Shows how cluster analysis first requires definitions of the diverse types of counterfeiting and counterfeiters

Who Should Attend:

  • Brand owners and pharmaceutical industry professionals
  • Medical practitioners
  • Public health officials
  • Law enforcement and regulatory authorities
  • Pharmaceutical packaging and supply chain specialists

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About Our Speaker

Douglas C. Moyer - Food Safety Training Expert


Dr. Moyer is an Assistant Professor in Michigan State University’s Program In Public Health (College of Human Medicine) since 2009. He teaches and develops online graduate-level courses including Public Health Administration and the Public Health Risks from Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals. These courses are also core requirements for the program's various Graduate Certificates.


Dr. Moyer is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with MSU’s Online Masters of Science in Food Safety...   More Info
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