Learning the Language of Revenue Cycle for Research Administrators

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Get To Know The Basics Of Revenue Cycle For Research Administrators

Often times researchers, their administrators and the revenue cycle team can face challenges interpreting commonly used terms while addressing clinical research billing compliance concerns. For instance, “pass-through costs” can be interpreted as the sponsor is paying among researchers, conversely, it means the insurer is paying to the revenue cycle team.

Through this webinar, one will develop an understanding of the significance and correct usage of these common terms that frequently result in confusion.

Join this 60-minute audio session presented by Allecia A. Harley, Director who will walk you through a glossary of terms to help you begin discussions at your institution.  She’ll also help you to understand the list of terms that can serve as a starting point for ensuring everyone has a common language for planning purposes.

This session will help you:

  • Understand the importance of developing a common terminology
  • Develop an understanding of the terms that are the most frequent sources of confusion
  • Get tips on how to vet this list with the appropriate people within your organization
  • Help you determine who should maintain the list and how frequently should it be updated

Who should attend?

  • Research administrators that are involved in coverage analysis development, budgeting, review of patient care costs for posting to research accounts, and study close-out.
  • Revenue cycle staff involved in reviewing charges related to research.
  • Compliance officers or team members involved in clinical research billing compliance.

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About Our Speaker

Allecia Harley - Pharmacy Training Expert

Allecia has 20 years of experience serving healthcare and higher education clients as an epidemiologist, researcher, administrator, and management consultant. She works extensively with clinical research executives in a variety of areas, including: budgeting, contracting; in-study management; policy, procedure, and template development; policy and procedure audits, and overall roles and responsibilities.

is a subject matter expert on research billing compliance and has conducted more than five hundred...   More Info
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