Global and FDA Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes

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Learn How a Proposed FDA Rule May Substantially Change the Way E-Cigarettes Are Currently Manufactured, Marketed and Distributed in the United States

The electronic cigarette industry is rapidly growing around the world, with global sales in 2015 expected to exceed $4 billion. The majority of these products, including the “e-liquids” used in them, is being produced in China, and is sold around the world. The global regulatory environment for these products is rapidly evolving, as legislators and regulators in the United States, European Union and Asia attempt to understand the health and safety concerns presented by these novel products, and develop appropriately tailored laws and regulations.

The FDA regulates the manufacture, labeling, distribution and marketing of tobacco products in the U.S. through the Tobacco Control Act. Though a “tobacco product” is defined broadly as “any product made or derived from tobacco that is intended for human consumption,” “other tobacco products,” such as electronic cigarettes and their components may become subject to regulation if FDA “deems” such products to be subject to the new law.

This webinar by attorney Azim Chowdhury will review the legal status of these products in the United States, European Union, and Asia and around the world, focusing on the recently published “Deeming Regulations” by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which propose to treat e-cigarettes and their components as tobacco products. Join the speaker as he discusses how FDA’s proposed rule will substantially change the way e-cigarettes are currently manufactured, marketed and distributed in the United States, as well as its potential impact on the global market.

Session Highlights:

  • Overview of e-cigarette regulations in Asia, European Union and around the world;
  • History – What led to U.S. FDA’s Deeming Regulation;
  • Key Provisions of the Deeming Regulation;
  • Electronic Cigarette Industry’s Impact;
  • How manufactures in China and around the world can prepare to comply.

Who Should Attend

  • General Counsel and Management of tobacco, e-cigarette and e-liquid companies, etc.
  • Regulatory Compliance Associates and Managers
  • Medical professionals, public health and consumer advocates, and other individuals working in the smoking control/ harm reduction area
  • Regulatory affairs professionals and scientists who work in this area
  • Manufacturers and importers of e-cigarettes and other novel tobacco products
  • Suppliers to Tobacco and E-Cigarette Industries

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About Our Speaker

Azim Chowdhury

Azim Chowdhury is a Partner at Keller and Heckman LLP based in Washington, DC. Mr. Chowdhury advises domestic and foreign corporations in matters of FDA and international regulatory compliance. In particular, he assists corporations in establishing clearances for food and drug additives, and is a nationally recognized expert on tobacco and e-vapor product regulation relating to the implementation of...   More Info
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