Anti-Pollution Cosmetics: Not a Joke?

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Prerecorded Event
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Tue, Feb 28, 2017
60 minutes
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Get a Rational, Scientific and Practical Look into Anti-Pollution Cosmetics and Understand Its Relevance.

On one hand, Prof. Diffey said recently: “We do not yet (really) know the importance of environmental pollution with regard to extrinsic (skin) ageing. It would seem prudent, therefore, to encourage the development of approaches which support the natural management of this effect by the stratum corneum…”

On the other hand, just for 2016 one finds 80 references in the Kosmet literature data base on "pollution" (and many more if we go back 10 and 20 years in time); 106 ingredients found in the UL-prospector data base with the same keyword search, and hundreds of finished cosmetic products claiming some kind of protection against pollution, both for skin and hair, with empty phrases such as "A growing need to protect skin from the ravages of air pollution". Nowadays the skin is increasing assaulted as a result of the increasingly complexity of our living environment” to justify the hoopla.

The webinar by expert speaker Dr. Karl Lintner proposes to have a rational, scientific and practical look at this topic. The question on “Do cosmetic products contribute to pollution (waste water, plastic beads…)" will not be addressed. Samples of specific claims (finished cosmetics, raw materials), methods of claim substantiation, basic "pollution science" with respect to skin and hair will be talked about in the session.

Session Highlights:

  • Why have "pollution and anti-pollution" become such buzzwords in the industry? The China connection
  • Types of pollution under discussion in the cosmetic field
  • Effects on both skin and hair: proven and pertinent?
  • Are they different from classical antioxidant and barrier repair effects?
  • Measurement methods of these effects in vitro and in vivo
  • Examples of ingredients and products proposed on the markets (B2B, B2C)

Who Should Attend

  • Formulators of consumer products
  • "Active ingredient" suppliers (R&D, Marketing, Sales)
  • Product (Marketing) managers of consumer products
  • Researchers in claim substantiation

At the Q&A session following the live event, ask a question and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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About Our Speaker

Dr. Karl Lintner

Dr. Karl LINTNER obtained a Degree in Chemical Engineering from Vienna University (Austria) and a PhD in Biochemistry from the same University.

After 10 years of Research on Biological Peptides at the Nuclear Research Centre in Saclay, France (>30 papers in biochemistry and biophysics published), he became Laboratory Manager, then Marketing Manager (product development and worldwide technical support) with the HENKEL...   More Info
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