3D Printing: How to Investigate, Evaluate and Select the Right Tool for the Job

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Fri, Jun 29, 2018
60 minutes
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Learn How to Protect Yourself from Making a Bad 3D Printing Decision/Purchase

Choosing the right 3D printer can be quite a challenge. Every 3D printer has its advantages and limitations, and some are more suitable for certain applications than others. If you don’t thoroughly evaluate and vet your options, you can end up buying the wrong technology – or the right technology from the wrong supplier. Either way, the outcome is a poorly utilized piece of equipment that can hamper or stall future 3D printing initiatives. So how do you ensure you pick the right 3D printer for the job?

Did you know that some suppliers will charge a license fee for each material you use, while others will mandate that you buy materials directly from them? And if you don’t conduct your evaluation in the context of Part + Process + Material, you can easily fall for the all-too-common bait-and-switch tactic of your supplier.

Join this information-packed session with industry veteran Todd Grimm, who will decode everything from investigation to evaluation and selection of the right 3D printer for your needs. Grimm will teach you how to identify the selection criteria that matters, and build and narrow down the candidates with potential. You will learn what are the most important (and possibly unique) areas of investigation, including what to ask potential suppliers, how to confirm what you believe to be true, and know where to access critical insights that suppliers may not offer.

You will also learn an approach that protects you from making a bad 3D printing decision/purchase; buffers you from unexpected (often costly) surprises; and assures you that it delivers the results and benefits you expect.

After attending this session, you will be able to select a 3D printer that performs optimally in terms of cost, time, capability and resource demands. You will also be able to establish the key selection criteria, know how to evaluate these criteria against each technology and supplier, and be confident that you’ve purchased the right product for your organization.

Session Highlights

Here’s a sampling of what this seminar will cover:

  • How to identify selection criteria (that matters)
  • How to build a list of potential candidates
  • How to narrow the field of candidates to only those that show potential
  • What are the most important (and possibly unique) areas of investigation
  • What to ask potential suppliers
  • How to confirm what you believe to be true
  • Where to access critical insights (that suppliers may not offer)

Who Should Attend

  • SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • VPs of engineering and manufacturing
  • Managers: engineering, manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, and operations
  • Those responsible for a 3D printing initiative (any role)

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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About Our Speaker

Todd Grimm

Todd Grimm is 27-year veteran of the additive manufacturing/3D printing industry. From his work as a consultant, writer, author, speaker, editor and advisor, he was named as one of The TCT Magazine’s 20 most influential in the additive manufacturing (AM) industry. Todd is president of T. A. Grimm & Associates, an additive manufacturing consulting and communications company. He sits on the board of directors of...   More Info
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