CPT Coding Changes and Updates for Pathology in 2015

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Get the CPT® Coding Changes and Updates for Pathology in 2015

If you’re like many lab coders who find the current CPT® options for drug-test reporting confusing, you might be happy about big changes coming down the pike. Our expert Peggy Slagle will give you a full picture of what current CPT® drug-test codes will get the axe next year and how more than 60 new codes will remake the drug-test coding landscape.For instance, CPT® 2015 will delete the current drug screen codes 80100-80104 and replace them with a new section of “presumptive drug class screening” codes.CPT® 2015 will also add nearly 60 new codes for “definitive drug testing,” which are quantitative assays. Each code represents a drug class and a number of drugs tested. For instance, there are two codes for Anabolic steroids; … 1 or 2, and … 3 or more. Although all of the definitive drug-test codes are new, they don’t necessarily represent new tests that you don’t currently report. In fact, CPT® 2015 deletes more than 20 codes from the existing therapeutic drug assay and chemistry sections, effectively moving these tests to the definitive drug testing section.

For instance: CPT® 2015 will delete 80154 (Benzodiazepines) from the chemistry section and add two new codes to the definitive drug testing section: 803XX (Benzodiazepines; 1-12) and 803XX (Benzodiazepines; 13 or more). Additionally, CPT® 2015 creates a family of codes in the Tier 1 Molecular Pathology section for FLT3 (fms-related tyrosine kinase 3) gene analysis for conditions such as acute myeloid leukemia. You’ll also see some significant changes in the Tier 2 codes, notably the addition of tests for blood typing using antigen gene analysis methods instead of traditional serological techniques. You can expect a new section in CPT® 2015 for genomic sequencing procedures (GSPs) and other molecular multianalyte assays. You’ll face several microbiology changes in CPT® 2015, such as minor wording changes to include reverse transcription in multiplex infectious agent codes.

Some other chunky changes will be related to immuno-histochemistry codes and the ISH code series. Revisions regarding ‘per block’, ‘per slide’ as well as ‘pre specimen’ will take place as IHC and ISH are to include ‘per specimen’ for each primary code.

Join expert speaker Peggy Slagle, CPC, in this interactive and information-packed conference where she will overview the various changes that are supposed to take place and what you may expect in Pathology coding for 2015.This session will, in addition, review new codes and changes in pathology and also briefly look into LCD and NCD challenges, along with a review of current and/or new bundling edits.

Session Highlights:

  • Go in-depth with all the CPT® coding changes for Pathology in 2015—including revisions and deletions.
  • Revive your reimbursement and cross walk information
  • CMS Vs. AMA – Will there be any changes for immuno-histochemistry? After a year of dealing with contradictions among immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) codes, CPT® 2015 brings some much-needed order. Take our crash course on the structure and usage of multiple revised code families to simplify your IHC and ISH coding next year.
  • Investigate your toxicology codes.
  • Master your molecular coding in 2015.

Who should attend?

  • Billing Managers
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Pathology Managers


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About Our Speaker

Peggy Slagle - Pathology Compliance Coding Expert

Peggy Slagle, CPC has been working in the medical field, both in the hospital and clinic settings for most of her career. She is currently the Coding and Compliance Manager for the Department of Pathology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, as well as the department’s hospital based laboratory outreach serving clients from inside and outside of the United States. Peggy is currently a member of the...   More Info
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