Prescribing Narcotics: What Every Chronic Pain Practice Needs to Know Before It's Too Late

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Tue, Jul 29, 2008
60 Minutes
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Help patients find pain relief without bringing the DEA to your door.

For chronic pain management practices, the specter of government officials second guessing or even prosecuting them for prescribing certain narcotics like oxycontin is all too real. As a result, physicians in pain practices all over the country have been charged with crimes, from drug distribution to murder. Even a well-intentioned practitioner can end up sued by patients who claim he hooked them on addictive medications. Some providers view such risks as unacceptable -- and refuse to prescribe ongoing narcotic medications they know their patients need. But that tack leaves many patients  in intractable pain and the provider vulnerable to malpractice lawsuits for inadequate pain management.

Luckily there's a way to protect practices from this seemingly no-win situation -- one that allows practitioners to provide best-practice pain management without ending up in a legal lurch. Attorney and compliance expert Vicki Myckowiak will walk you through the steps a pain practice can take to protect itself from government scrutiny and lawsuits. She'll explain in plain language the rules for prescribing narcotics -- and offer must-use tools that mitigate legal risk.

Here's a sampling of what you will learn:

  • A timely overview of current regulations for prescribing narcotics in a pain practice.
  • Possible penalties for noncompliance: actual cases provide a wakeup call.
  • Before you prescribe: Always have patients sign a narcotics agreement -- make sure it includes these key elements.
  • The  "Model Policy for the Use of Controlled Substance for the Treatment of Pain" -- adopted in some form by many states.
  • Nail down true informed consent for chronic pain management.
  • How to stay on top of evolving regulations -- it's imperative that you do.

Who should attend: All physicians, physician assistants, licensed nurses and practice managers involved in a pain management practice that includes narcotic medications.

Your registration includes:

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  • Expert answers to your tough questions during the interactive Q&A period.
  • Complimentary attendee package, including the speaker's complete presentation handouts. Keep this quick reference tool close by for future use!
  • One low price for all the staff you can stuff into a conference room!

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About Our Speaker

Vicki Myckowiak - Pain Management Compliance Expert

Vicki Myckowiak is a principal of MYCKOWIAK ASSOCIATES, P.C. She is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College and The National Law Center at George Washington University. Myckowiak is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, the American Bar Association, the American Health Lawyers Association, the Health Care Compliance Association and the Michigan Society of Healthcare Attorneys.

Myckowiak has been practicing healthcare law for 20 years and focuses...   More Info
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