2019 CPT®, ICD-10 and Medicare Updates for Ophthalmology

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Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA
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Thu, Nov 29, 2018
90 minutes
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Improve Your Ophthalmology Coding Accuracy and Prepare for Higher Reimbursements in 2019

Are you still wasting time searching the web for information you need to code an eye care procedure? Take action now to improve your ophthalmology coding accuracy, and get ready for increased reimbursements in 2019.

Join expert ophthalmology coding consultant Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA, for laser-focused insights on the eye care specific 2019 CPT® and ICD-10 coding additions, deletions and revisions – including information not found in the manuals. Restuccio will cover the new codes, and explain the important concepts using clinical backgrounds and explanations that coders, billers and managers will find useful to address changes in ICD-10 to blephartis, Meibomian gland dysfunction, Rosacea conjunctivitis, and other codes.

This session will also cover Medicare updates, including current changes and Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs), and how to code new/experiential procedures. You will get the skinny on the subtle but significant variance in carrier-specific rules that differ from state to state, and from carrier to carrier (hint: what Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross or Blue Shield may accept in one state, they may deny in another). Restuccio will cover basic and intermediate issues, including acronyms, and any “Gotchas” or gray areas for experienced attendees. You will also learn why vision plans are very different from Medicare/private medical carriers, what exactly “casino insurance” is, how to win appeals and reduce denied claims, why so many consultants may disagree on many coding and compliance issues, and more.

Restuccio will also cover other relevant issues, such as modifier changes, HCPC code changes, NCCI edits, RVU updates, incorrectly coded services, and medical necessity. He will provide useful auditing tips to help you improve your coding and billing accuracy – with a “Why Do I care” (WDIC) focus on the real-world benefits of knowing the updated codes. He will illustrate, using specific examples, how simple mistakes and errors can have a big impact on compliance and reimbursement. You will learn strategies and techniques on how to: maximize revenue, improve coding accuracy and documentation skills, improve customer satisfaction and market your practice, and earn more by reporting rare codes. He will clarify some of the common misconceptions on modifier usage and compliance issues, and teach you tips and tricks on how to avoid red flag situations, and reduce errors from using inaccurate or outdated information.

After attending this webinar, you will be confident in your ability to accurately implement the updated 2019 CPT® and ICD-10 codes in ophthalmology.

Session Highlights

This expert session will get you up to speed with:

  • ICD-10 2019 Changes
    • Changes to blepharitis codes
    • Changes to H02.– eyelid codes
    • Changes to the H02.88- Meibomian gland dysfunction codes
    • Changes to the H10.82- Rosacea conjunctivitis codes.
    • Changes to the H57.8– Brow ptosis codes.
    • Other code changes
    • The value of formal ICD-10 coding training
    • When two codes are required and not just one.
    • ICD-10 coding specificity highlights
    • Exceptions and “Gotchas”
  • Ophthalmology CPT changes for 2019, including:
    • Why the codes have changed
    • How to apply the new codes
    • Documentation requirements
    • HCPC code changes
    • NCCI edits
    • RVU updates
    • Modifier changes
  • Medicare
    • Any current Medicare changes
    • Local Coverage Determinations
    • New/experimental procedures

Who Should Attend

  • Coders
  • Billers
  • Auditors
  • Providers
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Managers


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Jeffrey Restuccio - Ophthalmology and Optometry Coding Expert

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA, is a certified coding instructor specializing in Eyecare coding, billing and documentation. Jeff has over twenty five years of experience and since 2007 has conducted over 365 live seminars, nationwide specifically for Eyecare. Jeff has personally audited over 10,000 medical records and presents nationally on auditing and documentation issues. Through the www.eyecodingforum.com website, Jeff offers coding and billing training, audits and a...   More Info
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