Coding Challenges in Brain Tumor Surgery

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Ensure Accurate Identification of the Appropriate Diagnostic and Procedure Codes for Brain Tumors

A growth of abnormal cells in the tissues of the brain is called brain tumor. A brain tumor can be benign or malignant, the size, form and position of the tumor decides how a doctor treats a tumor. Whatever be the mode of treatment coding for skull base surgery is always tricky, and can cost you big-time.

Join neurosurgery coding expert Gregory J. Przybylski, MD, in this power packed brain tumor coding session, to understand the critical elements of open, skull base, endoscopic and stereotactic cranial surgery coding for brain tumors—to ensure complete and accurate identification of the appropriate diagnostic and procedure codes. 

Plus, Greg will use case scenarios to highlight the coding rules. To describe the treatment of brain tumors, participants will also receive a summary of the predominant code sets, apart from that they will learn from multiple scenarios that demonstrate coding of these procedures.

Take a look the topics covered:

  • Choose appropriate procedure codes among open, skull base, endoscopic and stereotactic codes
  • Understand when you should choose skull base surgery codes rather than standard craniotomy codes
  • Apply appropriate endoscopic surgery codes for brain tumor surgery
  • Understand when one can appropriately unbundle stereotactic codes for treatment of brain tumors
  • Determine which components are considered bundled services when performing cranial surgery

Who should attend? Neurosurgery coders and practice managers will benefit from insight provided into understanding the nuances of coding for cranial tumor surgery

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About Our Speaker

Greg Przybylski - Neurosurgery Coding Expert

Gregory J. Przybylski, MD is Professor of Neurosurgery at Seton Hall University and Interim Chairman of the NJ Neuroscience Institute at JFK Medical Center. For two decades, he has been involved in socioeconomic issues for spinal surgery and neurosurgery. He is a Past-President of the North American Spine Society, the largest professional medical association representing spine care providers. He formerly chaired the AANS-CNS Coding and Reimbursement...   More Info
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