Upper Extremity Entrapments-Strategies to Clinically Identify Areas of Nerve Compression

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Dr. Susan W. Stralka, PT, DPT, MS
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Tue, Jan 20, 2015
60 minutes
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Identify Entrapment Areas of Upper Extremity Including Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Double Crush Syndrome, and More!

All entrapment sites must be identified and tested according to their pain mechanisms. Clinicians that test the symptoms or abnormal impulse generators of the upper quadrant need to learn how to design treatment strategies to treat both peripheral and central pain mechanisms, or else it will get impaired outcomes for reimbursement.

Join expert Susan W. Stralka, PT, DPT, MS in this LIVE webinar to learn the ways of performing a differential upper extremity assessment and design a treatment program for home use. Recognize and locate entrapment areas of Upper Extremity including Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Double Crush Syndrome. Susan will utilize Upper Extremity Nerve dynamic testing to differentiate Soft Tissue from Nerve symptoms.

Upper Extremity Entrapment strategies to clinically identify all areas of nerve compression:

  • Recognize major entrapment sites of the upper extremity
  • Find out if it’s a Double Crush Syndrome –clinical assessment
  • Strategies to classify peripheral neuropathic pain from central neuropathic pain
  • Treatment techniques to treat Peripheral and Central problems
  • Insights on new tools to re-educate the brain to improve pain, motion and increase function.

Session Objectives:

  • Recognize the upper quadrant entrapment sites for musculoskeletal and neurogenic symptoms
  • Perform differential diagnosis screening from the neck to the hand
  • Describe the pain mechanism following nerve compression
  • Demonstrate treatment techniques for bottom up  and top down  treatment
  • Learn sequential programs for use with muscle re-educating

Session outline:

  • Assessment- Insights on Differential UQ assessment
  • Discussion on pain mechanisms and inflammatory changes causing neurogenic pain
  • Learn about Upper Extremity Abnormal Impulse Generators
  • Review of Cervical Radicular Pain
  • Discussion on locating common area of Entrapment including Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Insights on Upper Limb Neuro Dynamic Testing (ULNT)
  • Review of Clinical Treatments
    • Peripheral Nerve Pain—“Bottom Up” Treatment
    • Central Sensitization –“Top down” Treatment
    • Examine the best treatment for Functional outcomes
  • Review of Mirror Therapy—Comprehensive treatment program & home exercises 

Who should attend?

Physical and Occupational therapist, PT Assistant, Athletic Trainers, Certified Hand therapist (CHT), Massage Therapist



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About Our Speaker

Dr. Susan W. Stralka - Neurology Coding Expert

Susan W. Stralka, PT, DPT, MS, is a licensed physical therapist with many years of experience treating both musculoskeletal and neurovascular consequences of injury. She is a guest lecturer at The University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in Memphis, Tennessee (UTHSC) and earned an  Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from there. She has a strong clinical background in treating neurological and musculoskeletal consequences of injury.

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