Unmasking Physical Problems: When Anxiety and Behavioral Problems Are Only the Tip of the Iceberg

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Karen Lusky, BA, BSN, MSN, RN
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Tue, Apr 15, 2008
60 Minutes
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Learn how to recognize the 'zebras' in mental health.

Beware of physical diagnoses masquerading as mental health issues -- the list of physical illness that can mimic mental health problems may be longer than you think. Patients with severe anemia or thyroid disease, for example, have walked away from psychiatrist's offices with a prescription for an antidepressant -- which is not something you would want to happen in your practice. And those with so-called panic attacks may sometimes have a problem involving the heart -- and not figuratively.

To gain a better insight into physical problems that can occur under the guise of mental health issues, join expert speaker Karen Lusky, BA, BSN, MSN, RN, for this 1-hour teleconference. She’ll open doors to new options you should consider when a patient presents with mood, anxiety or behavioral problems.
Who should attend: All mental health practitioners, nurse practitioners, home health nurses, emergency room staff and others who assess patients with primary complaints of anxiety, mood and behavioral problems.

Join us for this valuable session where you’ll learn:

  • A quick assessment to identify the top physical causes of mental health problems.
  • Key laboratory tests every mental health patient should have.
  • Tips on collaborating with the primary care provider to identify physical illness.
  • 2 Key signs that a patient's sudden insomnia or depression may herald a serious underlying illness.
  • The most common meds that cause symptoms of depression, anxiety and even rage attacks.
  • A simple dietary question that can get to the root of anxiety symptoms.
  • How to differentiate panic attacks from heart disease -- fast.
  • Celiac disease can cause psychiatric disturbances: Here’s how to tell.
  • Differentiate between stress-related fatigue and depression.
  • Have additional questions?  Ask Karen directly in an interactive Q&A!

Your registration includes:

  • Risk-free enrollment! Scheduling conflict? No problem! This session is also available on CD!
  • Expert answers to your tough questions during the interactive Q&A period.
  • A FREE holistic assessment form that mental health and other practitioners can use to identify potential physical problems that require further workup.
  • Complementary attendee package, including the speaker's complete presentation handouts. Keep this quick reference tool close by for future use!
  • One low price for all the staff you can stuff into a conference room!

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About Our Speaker

Karen Lusky

Karen Lusky, BA, BSN, MSN, RN, is a medical writer who has a master’s degree in psychiatric mental health nursing from Vanderbilt University. She has more than 20 years of experience as a nurse, teacher and journalist. She has provided psychiatric case management for people in the community who have primary diagnoses of serious mental illness along with multiple physical illnesses. Most recently, she worked as an RN assessor performing...   More Info
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