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Identify the Differences between Medicare and CPT Definitions

Transitional Care Management (TCM) procedure codes were introduced in 2013 to give providers the opportunity to be reimbursed for their efforts in promoting positive outcomes for patients transitioning from a facility setting to the community.  Active management of patients post-discharge helps improve patient outcomes.  Tune in to this webinar by Maryann C. Palmeter, CPC, CENTC, to find out which providers are eligible to bill for this service, what is required to bill for the service, how to overcome some of the inherent billing and documentation challenges, and how the service can improve patient relations and satisfaction.

The audience will learn which procedure codes to report, what needs to be documented, who may perform each aspect of this service, when the service may be billed, what is bundled into the service, and what may be reported separately.  Because CMS regulations are not the same as those outlined in the AMA’s CPT® manual, attendees will receive a detailed chart which outlines the difference in these two sets of guidelines.

Session highlights

  • Learning procedure codes
  • Understand TCM services concept
  • Applicable discharges
  • How does the service improve patient outcome?
  • The roles of community physìcian or practitìoner
  • What is face to face visìt?
  • The levels of medical decision making, the procedure code to report on medical decision making and when was the patient seen.
  • What to code if patient dies?
  • Reviewing the prescribed guidelines for E/M Documentation and ensuring it to withstand audit.
  • Communication with patients or caregivers
  • Difference between clinical staff and qualified healthcare professionals
  • Understanding the right time to bill
  • Reviewing various TCM & Global Súrgery Package (GSP)
  • What are the limitations and proposed changes to TCM Services?
  • What services can be bundled together?
  • TCM and discharging providers
  • The process of readmission
  • Recognize the difference between Medìcare and CPT® definitions

Who should attend: Auditors, Coders, Compliance Professionals, Non-Physician Practitioners, Physicians, Practice Administrators and Medical Billers.

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About Our Speaker

Maryann C. Palmeter - Medical Coding Billing Expert

Maryann C. Palmeter, CPC, CENTC is employed with the University of Florida Jacksonville Healthcare, Inc. as the director of physician billing compliance, and is responsible for providing professional direction and oversight to the billing compliance program of the University of Florida, College of Medicine - Jacksonville. She has over 30 years of extensive health care experience in both government contracting and physician billing and has been involved in...   More Info
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