Hysterectomies and Your MD

Hysterectomies and Your MD

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Melanie Witt, RN, MA
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Tue, Nov 17, 2009
60 Minutes
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CPT has no fewer than 37 codes to report a hysterectomy. The wrong code can mean a substantial loss of reimbursement.

Simply reading the operative summary is not enough. Since every type of hysterectomy has certain requirements, billing can only take place when the documentation supports it. Before billing, you must identify the surgical approach, know the weight of the uterus and adnexal structures, and recognize other related procedures.
Join Ob-Gyn coding expert, Melanie Witt, RN, CPC, COBGC, MA, for this 1 hour webinar where she will l cover the documentation details required and available codes to successfully bill for hysterectomy surgery.Bonus: Melanie will provide you with a “cheat sheet” to make coding easier.
Plus: Learn the buzz words that signify each type of hysterectomy.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Do you know the difference between an LAVH and LTH?  A few simple words in the documentation can make all the difference.
  • How can you tell if the tubes and ovaries have been removed? This anatomic structure says it all
  • The path report may not be your only option to determine uterine weight. Melanie will show you where else you can look.
  • Be in the know for what procedures constitute a radical hysterectomy.
  • When is a hysterectomy supracervical?
  • Find out how to code for fibroids as a complicating factor.

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About Our Speaker

Melanie Witt - Ob Gyn Coding Expert

Melanie Witt, RN, MA is an independent coding education consultant and a well-known speaker and recognized expert in the area of coding and reimbursement for ob-gyn services. She is the former program manager of the Department of Coding and Nomenclature at the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Witt is also the consulting editor for Ob-Gyn Coding Alert.

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