How to Reward and Retain Good People in Healthcare

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Prerecorded Event
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Fri, Apr 18, 2008
60 Minutes
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Most American healthcare offices face 18-34% average yearly turnover. Plus, studies show that most employees leave supervisors - not practices.

Are you doing what's necessary to keep good people on board, or simply crossing your fingers and hoping for the best? Join employment and human resources specialist Hunter Lott as he reveals what great supervisors in healthcare are doing to reward and retain their best people. The strategies you'll discover could help you save thousands in replacement and rehiring efforts!

Here's what you'll learn in this lively, eye-opening audioconference:

  • Your employee checklist: What good healthcare employees expect, and how to deliver
  • Surprising statistics on unemployment and turnover rates in the healthcare field
  • The "hard dollar" effect of turnover has doubled - find out what it really costs you to replace a healthcare employee 
  • What's working and what's not in your practice? Surprise: money's often not the answer
  • Motivate staff with a "Gold Star" retention and reward system that actually works   
  • 2 simple questions that will get any employee to reveal what truly motivates them
  • Warning: Ignoring good healthcare employees could be costing you big - here's why
  • 7 creative ways to reward without money: Here's what's working for hundreds of practices
  • How to bring back a good employee who has left your practice
  • What do good employees really want? Save thousands in replacement and rehiring efforts when you know the answer.
  • Critical audit questions to discover where you stand with your good people

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About Our Speaker

Hunter Lott - Medical Coding Compliance Expert

Hunter Lott specializes in helping small business cope with HR regulations and compliance. He has presented to over 100,000 business owners and managers at all levels on topics such as hiring, firing, attitude, harassment, documentation and motivation.

Hunter is a partner in the Kansas City-based consulting firm HCap. He is the author of Please Sue Me-The Guide to Safe Hiring and Firing Practices for the Frontline Manager with a...   More Info
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