Profit Center Compliance: Stop Unknowing Fraud In Your Practice/Hospital

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Wed, Mar 21, 2012
60 minutes
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Data doesn’t lie, but the use of it is not fully comprehended or capitalized in most practices and hospitals. With many agencies at Federal, State and Regional levels focused on identifying potential fraud and abuse, you are faced with diverse and at times contradictory regulations and guidelines. The federal and state governments are now investing money into making sure companies are making good faith efforts to become compliant.  They also know where to look for common weaknesses.

There are thousand ways in which companies are exposed to fraud. Most of the time, the perpetrators don’t consider what they do is fraudulent.  They don’t see themselves at fault. As someone who is responsible for control of fraud, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that your office is protected from such audits and potential threats.

Join us for this 2 part On-Demand Webinar  - “Profit Center Compliance: Stop Unknowing Fraud In Your Practice/Hospital”

Mentioned below are some of the highlights of the session :

  • Learn to prevent Internal Fraud 
  • Learn to prevent ID Theft
  • Learn about Common Types of Fraud
  • Checks and Balances
  • Compliance methodologies
  • Learn how mapping an organization becomes a goldmine
  • The value of the data uncovered by compliance programs
  • Effective Public Relation Strategies
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Labor reductions
  • Better trained people, including retention, and job fit
  • And much more….

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About Our Speaker

Ester Horowitz - HIPAA Compliance Expert

Ester Horowitz is founder of M2 Power Inc, and serves as practice marketing & business advisor for the medical industry working with doctors, chiropractors, LCSWs and other health professionals. She helps implement marketing & business actions plans within the professional codes of ethics, HIPAA, and fraud and abuse compliance obligations.

Ms. Horowitz is an author and speaker for organizations such as MGMA, Healthleaders Media, Aspen Media, Texas DO, Lee...   More Info
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