Physician Extenders: Working with a NP or PA to Increase Profitability

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Prerecorded Event
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Thu, Oct 15, 2015
60 minutes
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Learn How NPs & PAs Enhance the Efficiency, Productivity & Profitability of Your Practice


Physicians performing all the work are similar to automotive engineers changing sparkplugs. Physician extenders (PEs) free up the physician to perform more difficult work, expand the practice, and improve profitability.

NPs and PAs can enhance the efficiency and productivity of your practice to increase profitability. Experts reveal that PEs can handle 80% of primary care services at 50% of the cost. They also play a big role in providing increased patient access to services, positive patient relations and better patient satisfaction. Moreover, PEs can help in increasing practice efficiency, reducing costs and avoiding malpractice exposure.

This session, presented by expert speaker Debra Phairas, will demonstrate how primary care physicians and specialists can benefit from the use of physician extenders. Also, you’ll get some effective strategies to improve profitability by remodeling some aspect of your medical practice

Session Highlights:

  • Why should you hire physician extenders (PEs)?
  • What are the benefits of hiring PEs?
  • Learn how to hire the right person.
  • Check out the difference between employee vs. independent contractor tests.
  • Go in-depth with compensation -- salary, benefits, incentives bonus plans as outlined in MEDICAL ECONOMICS article written by Debra Phairas.   
  • Know how to assure extender profitability, efficiency and productivity.
  • Highlight the importance of clinical protocols for NP/PA.
  • Understand legal and supervision issues.
  • Develop the team approach.
  • Encourage the patient, staff and referral physician acceptance of extenders.

Who should attend

Physicians, Managers


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About Our Speaker

Debra Phairas

Debra Phairas is President of Practice & Liability Consultants, LLC a nationally recognized firm specializing in practice management and malpractice prevention. Her background includes medical clinic administration and loss prevention management for NORCAL Mutual, a physician malpractice insurance carrier in Northern California. Her BS is from Michigan State University and her graduate work at Golden Gate University San Francisco MBA Health Services Administration program. Her consulting experience includes over 2,000...   More Info
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