Delivering Bad News: Must-know Strategies For Critical Conversations

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Prerecorded Event
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Thu, Jun 30, 2011
60 Minutes
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Make the process of delivering difficult news… less difficult! 

The manner in which difficult news is delivered to patients has a significant impact throughout their course of treatment. Delivering the news in a poor manner can destroy the patient-professional relationship; decrease compliance and compromise clinical outcomes. 

Join Edward Leigh, MA, for this 1-hour content-rich and high-energy audio event.  

This informative conference will provide practical solutions to deliver bad news in a three-step approach to guide you in the process, including very detailed strategies that can be used in multiple clinical situations.

This program is not just for physicians! 

Every clinical professional, including nurses and technicians need to understand the process of delivering bad news.  The physicians may often be the one delivering the news; however other clinical professionals are highly impacted by the news and must know how to deal with the repercussions of the news.

Take a look at what’s covered:

  • Many clinicians destroy relationships with patients because they fail to understand how patients define bad news. Learn the range of clinical issues that are considered bad news.
  • Learn an easy-to-implement three-step approach to deliver bad news in a caring and efficient manner.
  • Efficiently prepare to deliver the bad news, including what information is needed to share and planning for environmental factors.
  • Learn precise language to use with a patient when delivering the news, including key words and phrases.  This conference will also review what NEVER to say!
  • Learn how to manage patients after the news is delivered, including appropriate communication strategies.  Also included are methods of handling emotional patients in a caring and effective manner.

Bonus:  Attendees will receive a one-page "cheat sheet" reference tool that summarizes major points.  This is ideal for all medical centers/offices.  In addition, all attendees will receive a copy of this informative report, "The Crying Patient:  How to Effectively Handle this Sensitive Situation with Grace and Professionalism."

Who should attend? Physicians, nurses and clinical professionals with direct patient contact. It is important ALL clinical professionals understand this process, not just physicians. (Hospital administrators, office managers, and other administrative professionals will benefit to help implement training on this vital topic.)

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About Our Speaker

Edward Leigh - Long Term Care Facilities Expert

Edward Leigh, MA, is the Founder & Director of The Center for Healthcare Communication. He is a national expert on raising patient satisfaction scores. He focuses on creating productive healthcare environments through dramatically improved communication between professionals and with patients. He consults with healthcare organizations and coaches professionals one-on-one to enhance patient communication. He presents high-energy and informative programs to hospitals, medical practices, long-term care facilities, corporations and healthcare associations.More Info
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