Understanding Immediate Jeopardy: Why It Happens and How to Avoid It

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Tue, Jan 22, 2008
60 Minutes
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Keep your long term care facility away from the snares of immediate jeopardy.

"Immediate Jeopardy" are the last two words you want to see on a survey. They can mean anything from fines of $3,000+ per day to an actual termination of your provider agreement. So anything you can do to keep things running smoothly is a smart move.

If you’re overwhelmed at the potential of an Immediate Jeopardy sanction with so many F-tags to keep track of, help is here. Let topic expert Joseph L. Bianculli, Esq. offer a healthcare attorney's view of what Immediate Jeopardy means as a whole. This will give you tools you can apply to ALL the regulations you must follow to keep your long term care facility in ship shape.

Here's what you will learn:

  • What surveyors usually cite in immediate jeopardy cases ... the answer may surprise you.
  • The bad and the ugly: Consequences for your immediate jeopardy citation.
  • Get the lowdown on the criteria surveyors are using when they check out your facility.
  • Think administration F-tags are immune to immediate jeopardy sanctions? Think again! Find out how to avoid this trap.
  • Avoid these irreversible traps: What administrative law judges are sustaining in appeals court.
  • Think you were unfairly tagged with IJ? Here’s what to do next.
  • PLUS: If you have lingering questions, you have the floor with the speaker during an interactive Q&A!

Your registration includes:

  • Risk-free enrollment! Scheduling conflict? No problem! This session is also available on CD!
  • Expert answers to your tough questions during the interactive Q&A period.
  • Complementary attendee package, including the speaker's complete presentation handouts. Keep this quick reference tool close by for future use!
  • One low price for all the staff you can stuff into a conference room!

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