Physical Therapy Coding and Billing for Medicare Services

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Make sure you’ve adopted PT changes for Medicare patients

There are many from a Medicare standpoint that your therapist will need to be aware of.

This is a pack of two webinars; the first part will get you prepared for the coding changes made in physical and occupational therapy by Medicare and the second part will focus on Physical Therapy billing for Medicare services.

Physical Therapy Coding

Sign up for an enlightening 60-minute audio event presented by expert speaker Margie Scalley Vaught, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CCS-P, PCE, MCS-P, ACS-EM, ACS-OR to get insights into the changes regarding physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Session Highlights:

  • Be prepared for G codes for tracking and Modifiers.
  • Learn about the C modifiers that will be required by your therapist.
  • Help the therapist understand the importance of documentation.
  • Problem Codes – 97760 and their Re-Evaluations.
  • Understand the two different types of therapy caps that will now be in effect for 2013.
  • Long term goals and its importance for Medicare claims.
  • Get discussed to claims based on functional reporting time and limitations.
  • Learn 6 sets typically reported for PT or OT.
  • Insights on Guidelines from CMS for modifier selection.
  • Be able to know what tools/templates CMS has listed for possible usage to rating for the G codes.

Physical Therapy - Billing for Medicare Services

You’ll walk away from this expert audio conference knowing where to find the most current list with good explanations of the severity modifiers and functional limitation G-codes. You’ll also learn how to look up your Phase in the Manual Medical Review process. A key question to ask is what does a phase #3 mean to your practice?

Session Highlights:

  • Highlight functional G codes and status modifiers
  • Understand the 50% payment reduction due to MPPR
  • Learn to use the new Status Indicator for the Medicare MPFSDB
  • Therapy Caps
  • Critical Access Hospital 2013
  • What is an "automatic exception"?
  • Non Payable G Codes Used to Report Functional Limitations
  • Mobility G-Code Set
  • Modifiers Used to Report the Severity of Functional Limitations
  • Guidelines for Selecting the  Severity Modifier
  • Reporting Requirements of G-Code & Severity Modifier
  • "Q” New Status Code for MPFSDB
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About Our Speaker

Margie Scalley Vaught & Jill Young

Margie Scalley Vaught, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CCS-P, PCE, MCS-P, ACS-EM, ACS-OR With over 30+ years experience in the healthcare industry, in positions from nurse’s aide to ward clerk and medical transcriptionist to office manager, Margie understands how offices are structured. Twenty of those years were spent in the field of Orthopedics.

Jill Young, CPC, CEDC, CIMC, is the Principal of Young Medical Consulting, LLC. A company founded...   More Info
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