Introduction to ICD-10 coding for Ophthalmology and Optometry

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Prerecorded Event
Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA
60 Minutes
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Easy-to-understand ICD 10 Information for Ophthalmology and Optometry Coding: From Regulatory Updates to Code Set Changes

Are you relaxed only because CMS has delayed the ICD-10 implementation day by a year? The time is running very fast and you don’t have much to relax and delay preparation.  You must get familiarized with the upcoming code set change, the required regulatory aspects, and the differences in the code set now.

Get an overview of ICD-10 ophthalmology and optometry coding know-how with this enlightening presentation conducted by our expert Jeffrey Restuccio. This session will provide information to help you understand, plan, and implement the updated ICD-10 coding system on Oct 1 2015.

Coding specialist, Jeffrey will review the selected sections of specific Eyecare codes. Codes will be analyzed with ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk, plus you get a review of the expanded ICD-10 codes. You will learn the most important changes, specific guidelines, and the ropes to skip and the ropes to know.

Here are a few additional topics covered in the session:

  • Understand ICD-9 concepts and guidelines and know how it is crucial to learning the new ICD-10 system
  • Identify the major differences between the current ICD-9 system and the new ICD-10 system
  • Review the specific codes for glaucoma, cataracts, injuries, and age-related macular degeneration
  • What is GEMS?
  • Learn how some current codes will change significantly with the new system
  • Discover why an ICD-9 crosswalk program is insufficient to code accurately with the new system
  • Learn how the new system will expand to well over 100 pages of codes relevant to eyecare
  • Learn how ICD-10 training for staff and training for providers is different.
  • Learn to establish goals and achieve them in 2015

Who should attend?All Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, coders, billers, and management

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About Our Speaker

Jeffrey Restuccio - Ophthalmology and Optometry Coding Expert

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA, is a certified coding instructor specializing in Eyecare coding, billing and documentation. Jeff has over twenty five years of experience and since 2007 has conducted over 365 live seminars, nationwide specifically for Eyecare. Jeff has personally audited over 10,000 medical records and presents nationally on auditing and documentation issues. Through the website, Jeff offers coding and billing training, audits and a...   More Info
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