Don’t Get Caught in the Middle: Culture and Communication Best Practices for Managers

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Prerecorded Event
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Wed, Jul 12, 2017
60 minutes
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Learn how your corporate culture affects how people communicate with one another, and vice versa

All too often, companies view “culture” as something interesting but not necessarily important. United Airlines’ recent public relations nightmare involving a mistreated passenger, a viral video and the company’s struggle to respond appropriately in the spotlight is now well-known, and Delta’s threat to throw a family off a plane over their refusal to give up a seat they’d paid for are just the latest examples of how corporate culture gone bad can cause problems. Even smaller companies struggle every day with how to build strong, open cultures that reward compliance and openness.

Dealing with petty employee squabbles is harmful to your culture and takes up unnecessary time for managers and leads. Companies with “bad” cultures are not as productive or profitable as those with open cultures that focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing. When employees are empowered to deal with their issues directly, managers have time and focus on the big picture to move the organization forward.

Culture reflects and affects how companies take care of (and retain) their customers, but it also translates to dollars and cents – whether by avoiding PR nightmares and lawsuits or by ensuring smooth operations among team members. United Airlines is only the most recent example in the news of a company with a culture in dire need of change. Social media has made the customer’s ability to expose instances of bad culture only too easy. Is your company ready for a culture revolution?

During this session, leading medical management executive Ryan Patano will review a time-tested strategy for helping employees deal directly with one another when they have issues in order to build a strong corporate culture from the base up. This method, which managers and HR professionals can learn, adapt to their company and teach others, can help employees have direct, open and honest discussions with each other in order to help create a more open and honest culture. Learning this process can help your company’s managers avoid becoming embroiled in employee disputes, which will free up the managers to focus on larger operational issues and improve your bottom line. Save time and money – and improve your corporate culture – with these tips and tricks.

Session Highlights

  • Explore the profound interaction between communication, process and culture
  • Learn how your corporate culture affects how people communicate with one another, and vice versa
  • Learn how to adapt the tasks and behaviors of your teams to bring about true culture change
  • Review Patrick Lencioni’s Communication Pyramid from The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Assess your culture against Lencioni’s Communication Pyramid and identify a plan of action
  • Review communication guidelines that have been proven to work in other organizations
  • Practice using those guidelines during the session in order to learn how to train your managers

Session Agenda

  • How culture affects everything in the organization
  • The link between culture and communication
  • The need for setting ground rules
  • Why corporate communication can suffer
  • Assess your organization’s culture

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs
  • Team leads
  • HR team, and anybody whom employees turn to in an organization to settle employee disputes

At the Q&A session following the live event, ask a question and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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About Our Speaker

Ryan Patano

Ryan Patano is one of the founding partners and vice president of Alta Medical Management, where he has worked to create a successful, sound culture that has been a great competitive advantage. Prior to the inception of Alta, Ryan worked in marketing, sales and sales management for a Fortune 500 printing sales company, opening new sales territories and coaching new and veteran salespeople alike. He...   More Info
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