Office Administrators: Improve Morale, Increase Productivity and Better Your Bottom Line

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Thu, Mar 31, 2011
60 Minutes
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Those office arguments may seem minor, but they're killing productivity AND your bottom line. Learn how to overhaul office morale in just 60 minutes.

Do your office inhabitants argue too often? Does your staff suffer from morale and productivity issues? It's more common than you think. The prime growth-killing issue for any organization - large or small - is worker productivity.

When you combine economic volatility, low profits, and increased operation costs with productivity issues, you've got an increasingly stressful and expensive situation on your hands. 

Join business development expert Drew Stevens, PhD, for this valuable 1-hour event where you'll learn how to address and, even more importantly, improve your productivity issues step by step.  

You may think you're too busy, lack the funds or time to fix it, but ignoring the issue just leads to added workforce stress. Instead, boost worker productivity which leads to improvement in the bottom line- productivity and profits.

Turn your issues into performance busters by:

  • Understand the importance of relationship between manager and employee
  • Develop how causes of low morale correlate to the organization
  • Compare and contrast how to create a stimulating work environment 
  • Learn 5 new methods that link employee engagement and organizational success
  • Learn to develop organizational leaders for more enthusiasm and higher performance
  • Understand how to motivate bored or uninterested employees 
  • Increase how to understand what really motivates people
  • PLUS: Learn how to keep positive attitudes so that the culture and organization operate daily at full steam.

Who should attend? Physicians, Chiropractors, Orthopedists, Dentists, Orthodontists, Office Managers, Head Nurses, Physical Therapists

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About Our Speaker

Drew Stevens - Healthcare Management Expert

Drew Stevens Ph.D. is a world-renowned business marketing mentor for doctors. Drew is one of those very rare practice experts with not only 30 years of true experience but advanced degrees in marketing productivity. Dr. Drew works with physicians and medicos such as chiropractors who struggle like crazy to increase patient volume that creates new revenue.

Dr. Drew has aided professionals to reach billions of dollars in new...   More Info
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