Surviving a Mass Shooting at Your Healthcare Practice

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Learn How to Prepare Yourself to Respond in a Mass Shooting Scenario at Your Workplace


A mass shooting puts your healthcare facility in a combat situation – which goes on for maximum 8-minutes. So many cities and states have experienced the mass shooting catastrophe including – Orlando, Maryland Malls, Wisconsin etc. and are perfect examples of kinetic and chaotic situations.

Unique challenges are presented if there are active shooting incidents in a healthcare facility. Healthcare professionals may have to face the challenge of making a decision to stay with or leave the patients and visitors who won’t be able to evacuate fast enough due to age, injury, illness etc.

With many such incidents happening more and more, research reveals that the activities have quadrupled in last few years. Killing might be over by the time police enforcement can respond, and you need to know how to respond in the first few seconds so that the consequences come under your favor. You and your healthcare team needs to be proactive, quick and respond correctly. Also, healthcare professionals do have a duty towards their patients and they are responsible for them. As mass shooting incidents are highly dynamic, there should be certain ethical decisions made in this regard to ensure minimum loss of life.

In this session, expert speaker Bo Mitchell advice you on how to prepare yourself and your healthcare team and respond in a mass shooting scenario in your workplace or in any other public place. You need to continue caring for your patients, but if it becomes impossible without putting others at life risk, you need to make certain decisions to avoid it completely.

Session Highlights:

  • Can these mass shootings be prevented?
  • How do you and your people respond in the first seconds and minutes?
  • How will your police department respond in your healthcare setting?
  • Do you want to arm you employees?
  • What does RUN/HIDE/FIGHT mean to you and your people regarding a mass shooting in your workplace?
  • How do you prepare yourself and your people?

Who Should Attend

  • Emergency Preparedness Coordinators and Safety , Security & Risk professionals
  • Managers, Supervisors
  • Threat Assessment Teams
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Top Management
  • HR Directors
  • Human Resource personnel
  • Anyone involved in the development or implementation of a workplace violence prevention policy
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to identify, prevent, defuse or resolve violence in the workplace

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About Our Speaker

Bo Mitchell

Bo Mitchell, President 911 Consulting CEM, CPP, CBCP, CHCM, CHSP, CHEP, CHS-V, CSSM, CSHM, CFC, CIPS, CSC, CAS, TFCT3, CERT, CMC, CSI-ML, IAC, CESCO, MOAB was Police Commissioner of Wilton, CT for 16 years. He retired in February 2001 to found 911 Consulting which creates emergency, disaster recovery, business continuity, crisis communications and pandemic plans, plus training and exercises for organizations like GE HQ, Hyatt HQ, MasterCard HQ,...   More Info
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