Why That Wound Won't Heal: Practical Tips to Get Wounds Moving

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Beth Hawkins Bradley, RN, MN, CWOCN, CFCN
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Tue, Jun 08, 2010
90 Minutes
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Non-healing wounds spell trouble. It's essential for you to quickly identify the wound and why it's not progressing.

You may be faced with non-healing wounds that have been around for extended periods of time. But under prospective payment, both visit numbers and supply utilization must be closely managed. To make matters even more difficult, many wounds just seem stuck - they don't change appearance or size like they should.

Join wound care expert, Beth Hawkins Bradley, for this 90-minute look at non-healing wounds. Beth will identify common reasons why wounds won't heal, give you practical interventions to resolve the problem and provide a "process pathway" to guide you in problem identification and resolution.

Learn what most often causes a wound to become stuck for each, including:

  • Hypergranulation: You'll see photos and get the description along with treatment options that can be carried out in the home
  • Rolled or closed wound edges: Once you see this photo and hear the descriptions and treatment you will never miss this one again
  • Bacterial overload/over colonization: When benign bacteria band together they are often silent but cause a wound to get stuck
  • MMP: This protease belongs in the wound but when present in large amounts it can shut down all progress
  • Biofims: They've been around a while, but we are just beginning to understand them. You will get a practical management plan to stop biofilms from interfering with wound progress. (This information will rock your world and enable you to reduce the use of many expensive products)
  • Atypical pathologies and neoplasms: You will know when it's time to get a wound biopsy
  • PLUS: The proper treatment for each cause -- what you can do to move things along NOW.

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About Our Speaker

Beth Hawkins Bradley - Wound Care Coding Expert

Beth Hawkins Bradley, RN, MN, CWOCN, CFCN, has been certified in her specialty since 1990. She has extensive clinical experience in home care and hospice, as well as acute and long term care. She is sole proprietor of Care On Call, LLC in Blythewood, SC, providing wound, ostomy, continence patient consultation and education. She is a speaker whose passion is to enable any clinician to be able to understand wounds....   More Info
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