Patient Safety Through Improved Communication

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Wed, Jan 16, 2013
60 minutes
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Poor Communication Has A Devastating Impact On Patient Safety: Learn Top Communication Strategies To Effectively Decrease Medical Errors.

In addition to loss of life and injury, medical errors place a huge financial burden on healthcare organizations and increase the risk of malpractice. This session examines the two types of communication-related medical errors: professionals communicating with each other and professionals communicating with patients.

The Joint Commission estimates 80 percent of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between professionals when responsibility for patients is handed off from one professional to another.

Miscommunication between professionals and patients is also an equally alarming issue causing medical errors. If patients do not fully understand their medical situation, they are at high risk for errors.

Through this content-rich and high-energy conference you will learn evidence-based methods to dramatically improve your communication skills and, hence, improve patient safety. Don’t let weak communication skills diminish the care of your patients.

This conference, presented by expert speaker Edward Leigh, MA, will provide specific and easy-to-implement strategies to help ALL clinicians dramatically improve their safety skills. The healthcare community has come so far in terms of medical technology so it would be a tragedy to have "people talking to people" as a source of so many errors. This session will provide easy to implement handoff models of communication. The session also incorporates powerful patient education strategies to verify understanding, including the excellent “teach back” method. Asking a patient, "Do you understand?" tells you nothing and is a risky question.

Also Edward will review helpful ways to encourage patients to be active participants in their care. The more involved they are the less likely errors will occur that "YOU" could be held responsible.

Don't Miss These Session Highlights:

  • Critical strategies to PREPARE for the handoff. The worlds of theater and healthcare have something in common -- the rehearsal is just as importance as the performance!
  • Powerful tips to avoid ambiguous terms and use precise language. For example, stating, “She is a bit unstable” is not acceptable.  What does “a bit” actually mean?  In the conference, you will learn key words that are crystal clear.
  • Learn the steps to standardize shift-to-shift, unit-to-unit and setting-to-setting reporting (e.g., hospital to long-term-care facility). This avoids the all-too-common scenario of "everyone just doing their own thing."
  • How to implement powerful patient education tools to insure patients understand their medical issue (s) BEFORE they leave!
  • Helping patients become their own advocates to lower the risk of errors. An informed patient is your best patient!
  • How a simple two-page form can lower your risk of malpractice and improve the lives of your patients. This two-page form alone is reason enough for attending this conference!

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

Who should attend? Physicians, nurses and clinical professionals with direct patient contact. It is important ALL clinical professionals understand communication tools to decrease patient risk. (Hospital administrators, office managers, and other administrative professionals will benefit to help implement training on this vital topic.)

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About Our Speaker

Edward Leigh - Long Term Care Facilities Expert

Edward Leigh, MA, is the Founder & Director of The Center for Healthcare Communication. He is a national expert on raising patient satisfaction scores. He focuses on creating productive healthcare environments through dramatically improved communication between professionals and with patients. He consults with healthcare organizations and coaches professionals one-on-one to enhance patient communication. He presents high-energy and informative programs to hospitals, medical practices, long-term care facilities, corporations and healthcare associations.More Info
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