ICD - 10 - Time to Prepare.... Again! Don’t Wait Till Last Minute (Part-1)

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Prerecorded Event
Sharon Litwin, RN, BSHS, MHA, HCS-D
90 minutes
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Overview, Plan & Prepare for ICD 10

This must-attend session is part 1of 2in the ICD-10 training series. Expert speaker Sharon Litwin - RN, BS, MHA will present this global session to assist you in development and implementation of the ICD-10 transition plan. You will be given details on each transition step, for your departments, your IT systems, training, etc. Sharon will also review the ICD-10 chapters and general coding differences.

This session will introduce you to:

  • The reasons why we are going to ICD-10
  • Overview of ICD-10 and how they differ from ICD-9
  • Biggest challenges seen for implementation
  • Agency planning
  • Training needs
  • ICD-10 chapters and general differences

Session Highlights:

  • What should you do to prepare for the transition? Develop a plan for making the transition to ICD-10
  • Biggest Challenges—Knowledge deficit requiring intensive study and testing
  • Ensuring IT systems are good to go! Ensure that the vendors have created and are implementing testing plans
  • Getting the specific information in referral info, H&P’s, DC summaries from physicians
  • Where to find the ICD-10 codes and official guidelines:
    • Generalized Equivalency Mappings (GEMs)
  • Training – How much for each position?  What kind of training?
  • Another OASIS Change! From OASIS C1 ICD-9 version to the OASIS C1 ICD-10 version
  • General Coding Differences addressed: Now grouped differently
  • Post-Op complications moved to separate chapter
  • Manifestation codes-  some together in one code
    • E10.21 Type 1 diabetes mellitus with diabetic nephropathy
  • Combination Codes –
    • I25.110 AHD of native coronary artery with unstable angina
    • K50.112 Crohn’s disease of large intestine with intestinal obstruction
  • How does ICD-10 affect each of your departments: Intake, Billing, Field clinicians, etc
  • Changes in clinical documentation

You will be ready for the more detailed Part II session after this session. This will give you a foundation of ICD-10 as well as assist you with your critical transition plan!

Who should attend

CEO, CFO, Administrator, Director of Patient Services, QI, Billing, Intake, Field Staff

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice pertaining to the conference from our expert speaker.

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About Our Speaker

Sharon Litwin

Sharon M. Litwin, RN, BSHS, MHA, HCS-D, Founder and Senior Managing Partner, 5 Star Consultants, LLC (2003 - Present)


Sharon Litwin, founder and senior managing partner of 5 Star Consultants, a national consulting and coding firm specializing in homecare and hospice services since 2003.  Sharon was also an ACHC surveyor until December 2013, and a former CHAP surveyor, performing Medicare deemed surveys for ten years.


In her consulting firm, Sharon assists...   More Info
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