Rules of Engagement - Getting Back to Basics-Conditions of Participation-Part 1 & Part 2

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Understand COP's Basics and Save Yourself from Losing $10,000 a Day

Many Agencies go along with everyday tasks without thinking about the purpose behind what we are doing in homecare and what it means to be "in compliance"  with the COP's.

The Federal Conditions are some of the most misunderstood "rules" that we have in home health care. Most misunderstand that they are actually the building blocks for our businesses.  Any confusion related to these 15 "rules of engagement" can cause significant financial harm.  The game has changed.  The industry must become very familiar with the “rules” or find the funds to pay for non-compliance. Many clinicians have been indoctrinated in the “theory” without actual knowledge as to the meaning behind each COP.

This event conducted by out expert Arlene Maxim will explain the critical need to understand each COP and the impact of misunderstanding the basic foundation upon which homecare is based.

This presentation will give Agency Administrative Staff, Registered Nurses, Therapists, etc., insights related to the 15 Federal Conditions of Participation (COP's) and the basic responsibility of Agencies for compliance. Often Agencies misunderstand documentation requirements between COP's and Medicare Policy. In this webinar our expert will lift the veil of uncertainty and misunderstanding between the two. The challenge that will be addressed is related to how to document for compliance with the COP's.  

Our expert will provide references related to the Federal Conditions of Participation, examples of proper documentation as it relates to the COP's.

Here are a few highlights of the session: 

  • Learn how to reduce or eliminate citations on your next survey.
  • Learn how to document for compliance with the COP's.
  • Be aware of the Top COP's receiving the most frequent citations for 2012 and how to avoid them.
  • Learn how to design a plan of care that will support compliance
  • Learn which Conditions will be given the most attention during your next survey.
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  • Insights into the first 7 of the 15 Federal Conditions of Participation (COP's)
  • Basic responsibility of Agencies for compliance
  • Documentation requirements between COP's and Medicare Policy
  • Get the references related to the Federal Conditions of Participation
  • Examples of proper documentation as it relates to the COP's
  • Know the Top G TAGS cited in 2012
  • Understand the 3 parts of COP's
  • Find out the documentation issues of COP's
  • How to avoid citations for skilled nursing, therapy, aide and social work.
  • How to document for compliance with the Drug Regimen Review and OASI S C items related to the remaining 8 COP's.
  • How to capture information necessary for an "integrated assessment" for a successful survey.
  • Learn key aspects of  creating an Annual Program Evaluation  that will support compliance in this frequently overlooked and/or under documented COP.
  • Which Conditions could place your Agency in Immediate Jeopardy?

Who should attend? Administrative staff and all visiting staff such as, Registered Nurses (those doing visits), Quality Assurance Staff, Supervisors, Owners and Operators

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About Our Speaker

Arlene Maxim - Home Health and Hospice Expert

Arlene Maxim currently holds the position of Vice President of Program Development for Quality in Real Time (QIRT) based in Floral Park, New York. She has been in home care since 1979 and has been a home health care consultant since 1986. Drawing on her strong clinical background, she has served in various capacities from home care administrator to home care agency owner and home care consultant. She...   More Info
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