Identity Theft and HIPAA: What You Don't Know DOES Hurt You

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Prerecorded Event
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Tue, Mar 22, 2011
60 Minutes
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The blame for identity theft doesn't all fall on the criminal -- you're liable too, unless you've taken these important steps.

Identity theft is now a part of our daily lives. What used to be a rarity is now something almost commonplace. But there ARE ways to stop it. And if you're a healthcare provider, it's not just a smart move -- it's a legal necessity. HIPAA plays a big role here, and it's time you learned everything you need to know.

Join compliance and privacy expert Ester Horowitz for this eye-opening event about a rising issue no one can afford to ignore. Your institution's good name is all you have -- are you willing to risk it? Dramatically minimize that hazard, in just one hour, from the comfort of your own office or conference room.

High COBRA premiums, increasing medical insurance costs, and simple desperation will cause a dramatic spike in identify theft as criminals AND normally law abiding citizens turn to crime just to get by financially. Be ready.

Event Agenda

  • The difference between HIPAA and Red Flag
    o For the medical practice
    o For the health organization
  • The fundamentals of all privacy regulations
    o 5 steps
    o Reducing potential loss/mitigation
  • Soft skills
    o Sample survey
    o Living with identity theft / privacy in reality
    o What you can control
    o What you can't control
  • Question and answer session

Who should attend? All healthcare providers, employees and staff and anyone involved with risk management


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About Our Speaker

Ester Horowitz - HIPAA Compliance Expert

Ester Horowitz is founder of M2 Power Inc, and serves as practice marketing & business advisor for the medical industry working with doctors, chiropractors, LCSWs and other health professionals. She helps implement marketing & business actions plans within the professional codes of ethics, HIPAA, and fraud and abuse compliance obligations.

Ms. Horowitz is an author and speaker for organizations such as MGMA, Healthleaders Media, Aspen Media, Texas DO, Lee...   More Info
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