Texting and E-mail with Patients — Meeting Patient Communication Desires and Complying With HIPAA

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How to Handle Patient Communication Requests Efficiently Without Risking PHI Exposure and Staying Within the Norms of HIPAA Compliance

Patients and healthcare service providers have always interacted with each other through various modes of communication, however, the latest regulations for electronic communications require that HIPAA-covered entities carefully consider the requests of electronic communication such as text messages and plain e-mails and respond appropriately.

Now that the requirement for allowing patients electronic access to their health information are in effect, there are fresh demands for communication via texting and e-mail as patients are increasingly depending on electronics communication. Patients have the right to communicate the way they wish to and they just want to use the tools that they already used for communications.

HHS compliance audit activity and enforcement penalties are both increased, especially in instances of willful neglect of compliance, if, for instance, your organization hasn't adopted the complete suite of policies and procedures needed for compliance, or hasn’t adequately considered the impact of e-mail or texting on your compliance. 

In this session, our expert speaker Jim Sheldon-Dean will discuss the differences between patient communications and professional communications, and how it needs to be handled to best serve patients, enable communications efficiently and stay within the norms of HIPAA compliance. Jim will also discuss, in what ways healthcare providers can serve patients’ requests for communication of information by text messages and e-mails while complying with HIPAA Privacy and Security rules.

This presentation will discuss the risks, the issues and the requirements of the high usage of e-mail and texting for provider and patient communications and provide a plan for how it can be used effectively and safely, to increase patient satisfaction and quality of health care. Additionally, Jim will be discussing how to be prepared for a breach, if there is one, so that compliance can be assured.

Session Highlights:

  • Ways to use texting and e-mail by patients and providers, and what ways providers can use texting and e-mail to render better patient care.
  • Risks of using texting and e-mail; what can go wrong and what can happen when it does.
  • Know about HIPAA requirements for patient preferences and access and what is required to protect PHI.
  • Learn how to protect PHI and meet patient requirements and desires and how to evaluate risks using an information security management process.
  • Get to know the procedures and policies that should be in place for dealing with texting and e-mail, and also get updates on any new technology.
  • Learn about the training and education that must take place to ensure your staff uses e-mail and texting properly and does not risk exposure of PHI.
  • Steps to be taken in an event of PHI breach.
  • Learn about how the HIPAA audit and enforcement activities are now being increased and what you need to do to survive a HIPAA audit.

Who should attend?

  • Compliance Manager
  • HIPAA Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Health Information Manager
  • Medical Office Manager
  • Medical Practice Lawyer
  • CFO
  • CEO
  • COO
  • Privacy Officer
  • Information Security Officer

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About Our Speaker

Jim Sheldon Dean - HIPAA Compliance & Regulations Expert

Jim Sheldon-Dean is a healthcare compliance and HIPAA expert in the areas of privacy and security regulatory compliance and business process analysis. He is the founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, a Vermont-based consulting firm founded in 1982, providing information privacy and security regulatory compliance services to a wide variety of healthcare entities. Jim is a frequent speaker regarding HIPAA...   More Info
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