The HIPAA Audit Protocol - Documenting Compliance Before You Get an Audit Notice

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The HIPAA Audit Protocol - Learn how to Document Compliance Before You Get an Audit Notice

The new random HIPAA Compliance Audit program is in full swing, and is being expanded in 2013. The US Department of Health and Human Services has published the protocol used for HIPAA audits by the HHS contractors, so it is much better to know how to prepare for an audit. Nearly any health care covered entity may be subject to an audit; all entities need to know what kind of information they  would need to provide, and how to prevent issues that could lead to violations and fines.

While in the past, audits had been performed only at entities that reported a breach or had a complaint filed against them, the revised rule calls for audits irrespective of a complaint or breach. This means that the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) can show up and ask to perform an audit on short notice, and your organization will need to provide a response in less than fifteen business days. Knowing what the audit protocol is, can make preparing for, and surviving a HIPAA audit much easier.

Side-step the risks of non-compliance and penalties with our expert presenter Jim Sheldon-Dean who takes you through the HIPAA audit program; how it works; and the contents of the HIPAA Audit Protocol. The session will also cover how to know if you may become the subject of an audit or enforcement action, and tips on how you can limit your exposure.

You also learn how most enforcement actions come about and what can be done to prevent incidents that lead to enforcement activity and much more.

Here’s just a sample of what you get:

  • Examination of the HIPAA Audit Protocol along with sets of questions asked at earlier HIPAA audits.
  • What the HHS OCR is likely to ask if you are selected for an audit, and what you need to be prepared with when they do.
  • The rules you need to comply with and policies you can adopt to be in compliance.
  • How the HIPAA rules have changed and how you may need to change your work to keep up with them.
  • How a good compliance process can help you stay compliant more easily.
  • What needs to be have documented to survive an audit and avoid fines.
  • How to export the contents of HIPAA Audit Protocol, and use them as the foundation of your compliance activities and documentation.
  • How the HHS Office for Civil Rights has been auditing for HIPAA compliance and what’s next
  • Find out the questions they ask when there’s trouble
  • Look ahead to the new program starting October 1, 2013
  • Policies, procedures and documentation need to be in place before an audit
  • Learn about expanded enforcement penalties & find out how to avoid the significant penalties for Willful Neglect of compliance
  • HIPAA Breach Notification Rule & Tiered Penalty Structure
  • Affirmative Defenses & Waivers & Insignificant Changes to Security Rule Questions
  • Numerous Changes to Privacy Rule Questions Necessary
  • Information Security Management Process and Security Policy Framework
  • Documentation Uses and Results
  • Learn how most enforcement actions come about and what can be done to prevent incidents that lead to enforcement activity
  • Know the Rules of—security, privacy, & breach notifications
  • Understand the new Enforcement definition
  • What is the Tiered Penalty Structure
  • Identify the Affirmative Defenses & Waivers
  • Understand the HHS OCR Audit Program
  • Learn crucial points from questions asked in prior audits
  • Understand the Information Security
  • What is the Security Police Framework?

Who should attend? Compliance Manager, HIPAA Officer, Chief Information Officer, Health Information Manager, Medical Office Manager, Medical Practice Lawyer, CFO, CEO, COO. Privacy Officer, Information Security Officer.


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About Our Speaker

Jim Sheldon Dean - HIPAA Compliance & Regulations Expert

Jim Sheldon-Dean is a healthcare compliance and HIPAA expert in the areas of privacy and security regulatory compliance and business process analysis. He is the founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, a Vermont-based consulting firm founded in 1982, providing information privacy and security regulatory compliance services to a wide variety of healthcare entities. Jim is a frequent speaker regarding HIPAA...   More Info
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