2013 ACO Update: Get On Board Or Get Left Behind!

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In early 2013, CMS approved another group of accountable care organizations (ACOs) to participate in the Medicare shared savings program, adding to the existing entities that are already selected. The MSSP awards selected groups with a portion of savings generated from more efficient care of assigned fee for service Medicare patients. As ACOs are added by Medicare and by commercial payers, nearly every provider needs to evaluate whether to participate in a shared savings organization if they are not already signed up. For a provider group interested in pursuing ACO status, it is vital to learn from the initial rounds of approvals. ACA, for some, seems like a topic politicians talk about during their campaign. The Supreme Court's Ruling in July, 2012 brought it to the forefront of the news again and many are now realizing that it is a train which needs to be boarded. Anagrams are rampant; ACA, ACO, PPACA PCMH. What does it all mean to your office? The original Act was introduced in 2010 and many of its provisions have already been implemented. What has changed since that time? It's not just about the huge groups, it affects all practices.
Join us for this 120 minute On Demand Webinar “2013 ACO Update: Get On Board Or Get Left Behind!” tomorrow Tue, Aug 20, 2013.

This webinar can be accessed anytime of the day once registered.
Highlights of the session:

  • PPACA – Overview and What’s next ?.
  • Patient Engagement PPACA
  • Patient Member Requirements & Assignment Methodology
  • Final Rule Modifications
  • Application Process & Applying Final Rule
  • Applying – Fraud & Abuse, Antitrust Guidance.
  • Quality Standards & Indicators
  • Savings & Sharing along with Financial Aspects.
  • Attributes of Medicare and Commercial ACOs.
  • Permitted participants and their obligations.
  • Keys to success or rejection by CMS.
  • Getting and keeping primary and specialist providers in ACOs.
  • Calculating MSSP and non-program bonuses.
  • What are ACO waivers and do you need them?
  • Addressing potential fraud/abuse and Stark law issues.
  • Impact of Waivers & Checklist for founders and participants
  • Structure, Management, Governing Body, Operational Minimums & Additional Operational Requirements.
  • QA/QI Program
  • Provider Obligations & Patient “Credits” to MDs
  • Sharing Option
  • Approval Process
  • F&A, Stark, CMP Waivers, Operational Issues & ACO Provider Contract Issues
  • And much more…


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Jill M. Young and Wayne J. Miller, Esq.

Jill M. Young, CPC, CEDC, CIMC is the principal of Young Medical Consulting, LLC. She brings with over 30 years of medical experience. This includes a diverse background in all areas of medicine from clinical to billing and she has worked with many physician specialties.

Her consulting company provides the usual consulting services but additionally provides both education and training from front office to back. Young's comments and opinions can be seen in...   More Info
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