Surgical Modifier Round-up For Specialty Coders

Every coder needs to know modifiers inside and out - or you’re risking denials, slashed reimbursement, and even fraud charges.

When you code for a surgeon in any specialty, choosing the proper modifier for the documented procedure can get tricky. But don’t worry! This surgical modifier round-up session will clear up confusion you have about the modifiers you’ll use most often in your surgical practice.

Join coding guru Leesa A. Israel, CPC, CUC, CMBS, for this 60-minute look at how to properly apply modifiers to get the reimbursement you deserve. You'll get to know the most-used modifiers and top mistakes to avoid.

Highlights of this session include:

  • Override CCI bundles using modifier 59 - BEWARE: Overuse can land you in hot water
  • Capture extra payment when your doctor spends extra time on a procedure - Hint: modifier 22 is your key to success
  • Find out why CPT offers you modifier 50 and modifiers RT/LT - Who chooses which one to use?
  • Uncover the key differences between modifier 52 and modifier 53 - there’s a clear cut way to decide which you should use
  • What to do when your surgeon treats complications after a procedure - don’t automatically append modifier 78 or you could face denials
  • Alphabetical HCPCS modifiers - do you really need to learn those? Yes - Find out why
  • PLUS: Alter your coding when your physician works with another surgeon in the operating room

Who should attend? Coders in any surgical practice, physicians in any surgical practice, and all office staff involved in the coding, billing and posting of charges and reimbursements for surgical services in any specialty office that performs surgeries.

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