2014 Shoulder Procedure Coding

Get the Nuts And Bolts of 2014 Changes to Shoulder Coding

By the term ‘revision’ to an arthroplasty means the patient had a total joint replacement in the past, and is now having it revised or updated. In 2014, we have two new codes for revision of total shoulder and two new codes for revision of total elbow prosthesis.

Join Margie Scalley Vaught - CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CCS-P, PCE, MCS-P, ACS-EM, ACS-OR, in this 60 minute audio conference, where she will go through the 2014 changes regarding shoulder coding such as the new revision arthroplasty codes. She will also discuss the ongoing issues with shoulder arthroscopy procedures and how CCI guidelines are starting to limit the number of codes you will be able to report. And if that was not enough it appears some of the fracture treatment without manipulation might be limited per NCCI guidelines. You won’t want to miss this webinar if you do upper extremity procedures.

This power-packed 60 minute presentation is geared totally to shoulder coding with official sources from CPT, CMS/CCI and AAOS.

Take a look at the topics covered in the session:

  • Be prepared for 2014 new codes for shoulder procedures
  • Understand when modifier 59 is appropriate from both a CPT and CCI stand point
  • Understand that it is now time to find out what your payer/carrier reimbursement policies are
  • Be able to identify those codes most commonly used in trauma cases of the shoulder
  • Help your surgeons understand the importance of documentation

Who should attend? Coders, Billers, Office Managers, Practice Manager, Orthopedic Surgeons

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