Pulmonary Updates for 2014

Comprehend 2014 Code Changes Specific To Pulmonary Functions

Each year providers see changes to both the ICD-9 and CPT® code sets. 2014 is no different. Other changes or clarifications for 2014 come from CMS and the OIG — just to name a couple. Keeping upto date requires answers to questions such as — what changes, clarifications on new rules will affect your pulmonary practice in 2014? Where do you find information on changes?

Join expert speaker Jill M. Young, CPC, CEDC, CIMC to understand the new notations in the guidelines section of changes (or new CPT® codes) and why these additions are so important. She will provide insights on how to prepare for the 2015 implementation of ICD-10, and where to find information on changes to CPT® and to ICD-9 for 2014. Jill will discuss the latest edition of the 2014 MFSDB and provide a brief overview of the valuable information contained in it. Plus, she will also help you comprehend the 2012 OIG report on polysomnography and its results.

Areas covered in the session:

  • How to use the new Inter-professional assessment and management codes
  • Are payers (including Medicare) going to pay for these services
  • Complex Chronic Care Coordination Services have been revised
  • Understanding the changes and if Medicare and other carriers react favorably to these changes
  • There are new notations in the Introduction and Removal section of the Lungs and Pleura, what are the implications for your physician billing
  • The new CPT code for Mechanical chest wall oscillation had guideline notations to describe the technique  
  • What should your practice be doing in 2014 with ICD-9 guidelines to prepare for ICD-10
  • Documentation of asthma, important today, imperative in 2015
  • Medicare updates for 2014 that will affect your Pulmonary office

Who should attend? Physicians Office managers, office administrators, billers & Coders

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