2014 Ob-Gyn Coding Updates

2014 Ob-Gyn Coding – Understand Where Is The Impact

Keeping up to date with the latest coding rule changes and avoiding denials due to incorrect reporting of services is crucial to the health of the practice. While there are no changes to ICD-9, Medicare and CPT® have been busy all year making changes that may impact your bottom line. Every ob-gyn practice is bombarded with information every day, but this session will narrow down the massive amounts of information and misinformation into easily understood changes for this year. While CPT® likes to keep their code revisions, deletions and additions close to the vest until after they publish the book, this year they have given us an advance look which will include revisions and new consultative services codes, new codes for imaged guided fluid collectíon, new and revised lab code for ob-gyn testing, new flu injection codes, and a new Category III code for the treatment of fibroids.

Join Melanie Witt, RN, CPC, COBGC, MA in this audio session, where she’ll include all the changes that will impact ob-gyn coding by giving you “insider” information directly from the CPT® annual symposium that explains why the changes were made and how to accurately use any new or revised codes or guidelines. This session will ensure you stay ahead of the curve with information you can transfer to updating encounter forms, and avoid denials due to outdated codes.

Melanie will take you through the new payment schemes for 2014, and give you details you can use to update your knowledge of Medicare coverage guidelines, especially in relation to fecal occult tests, payment for office surgeries, and redefining to “incident to” services. Listen in to get the latest details and rationales behind the changes.

Areas covered in the session:

  • Are you billing for consultative services? This change to CPT®  may help your physician’s document consults with other providers over the phone or via the Internet
  • The proposed rules for Medicare changes are out, but what will finally be decided?  This session will update you on the final decision regarding revalued codes, proposed payment for office surgeries, ordering requirements for the FOBT, statutory revisions to the “incident to” rules, the winners and losers with regard to relative value units
  • The OIG Work Plan is still looking for a few good audits.  Learn about what the government has plans for in the way of claim scrutiny for 2014
  • Just because the CPT®  book lists certain vaccine codes does not mean you can report them.  FDA’s approval is key. You could be getting unnecessary denials unless you know about the new flu code and Hepatitis B code changes
  • Do you have questions that you are dying to ask regarding ob/gyn?  For this conference, you will have the opportunity to submit your questions in advance to ensure you get the answers you are seeking.  But be sure to submit these questions at least 2 weeks prior to the audio conference date

Who should attend? Coders, billers, practice managers, physicians, non-physician practitioners


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