Inpatient Prospective Payment System Update for Year 2014

Analyze the Financial Changes with MS-DRGs Including Changes In Weight And Payment Rates with Expert Duane Abbey

What is this ‘over 2-midnights’ requirement for inpatient status? Has CMS really accepted the ALJ rulings for inpatient versus observation? How is the Inpatient Part B billing supposed to work? What major changes are occurring for MS-DRGs in FY2014? Will the increase in cost centers for the cost report affect us? What is happening with Value-Based Purchasing? What is the status of Quality Reporting for IPPS? How can we know that we are meeting the requirements for the 3-Day Payment Window? What about Hospital Acquired Conditions? Are payments for device-dependent DRGs going up? Are there any special hospital changes or impacts?

Get the answers by joining Duane Abbey in this riveting audio session, where he’ll provide a brief overview of DRGs in general and discuss the overall changes in payments and payment formulas. He’ll review the key changes for inpatient admissions, observation, and Inpatient Part B billing, and also cover MS-DRG changes including CC and MCC exclusions. Duane will delineate the coding and documentation issues including the offsets, and review the financial changes with MS-DRGs including changes in weight and payment rates along with add-on payments.

Plus, he’ll discuss the issues such as readmission reduction and quality reporting, and also explain the ongoing issue of the 3-Day Payment window and hospital acquired conditions.

Take a look at the topics covered:

  • Brief Review of DRGs and MS-DRGs
    • CCs and MCCs
    • DRG Categories
    • DRG Grouping and ICD-9 Coding
    • Calculation of MS-DRG Weights
    • Compliance Issues and Reports
    • ICD-10 Status
  • Payment Updates
    • Standardized Amounts
    • New Technology
    • Changes In MS-DRG Weights
    • Wage Index Calculations
    • Outlier Payments
    • Post-Acute Care Transfers
  • Inpatient Admissions and Inpatient Part B Billing
    • The O’Connor Hospital Ruling
    • Observation versus Inpatient Admissions
    • New Requirements for Hospital Admissions
    • The 2-Midnights Rule
    • Condition Code 44
    • Inpatient Part B Billing
      • After Inpatient Admission Denied By Auditors
      • After Hospital Self-Audit Determine Inpatient Admission Improper
  • MS-DRG Changes
    • New MS-DRGs
    • Coding Issues
    • Documentation and Coding Adjustments
    • CC and MCC Lists
    • Review of New ICD-9-CM Procedure Codes
    • MS-DRG Weight Changes
  • Quality of Care and Related Issues
    • Readmission Reductions
    • Hospital Value-Based Purchasing
    • Inpatient Quality Reporting
    • Hospital Acquired Conditions
  • Additional Policy Issues
    • Special Hospital Considerations
    • ICD-10
  • Sources for Further Information

Prerequisites for Participating: General knowledge of inpatient services and MS-DRGs.

Who should attend? Inpatient Coding Personnel, Coding, Billing and Claims Transaction Personnel, Internal Auditing Personnel, Financial and Compliance Personnel, Physicians and Other Interested Personnel

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