Home Health PPS And Other Developments: What To Expect in 2014!

Understand The Impact Of 2014 Home Health PPS Final Rule On Your Agency!

It is imperative to know about the Home Health Rules implemented by the 2014 Home Health PPS Final Rule to make a wise and informed choice in the future. Presenter of this session Robert Markette will cover the final rule on the companionship services exemption and the recent changes that will be made to the HHABN.  Although, the PPS final rule did not contain changes as sweeping as in the recent years, it still contained a myriad of changes that resulted in a great impact. In addition, the Department of Labor recently finalized the changes to the companionship services exemptions which will have an impact on providers’ costs even as their reimbursement comes down.  Finally, CMS recently announced that it was discontinuing the HHABN and replacing it with HHCCN.

All the above changes will impact your home health agency in some or other way. Register now for this power-packed 60-minute session in which attorney and expert speaker Robert Markette will address all the mounting queries associated with the topic.

Highlights of the session:

  • What PPS Rebasing means for home health providers
  • What PPS Rebasing means that we might anticipate for next year
  • How to adjust your pay practices in light of the changes in the companionship services exemption
  • What CMS is doing with the HHABN
  • How your use of the HHCCN will be different from the HHABN and how to prepare for it
  • Have we heard anything more about alternative sanctions?

Who should attend? Administrators, managers, owners, etc.

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