2014 Dermatology CPT Updates and Documentation Challenges

Demystify The 2014 CPT® Coding Updates for Dermatology With Pamela Biffle!

You are not alone if you are wondering how to overcome the common coding challenges in Dermatology Practice in the year 2014. Comprehending the CPT®updates specific to Dermatology, the changes to the complex repair codes and how they affect your practice this year and into the future is imperative for any dermatology practice. With ICD-10 update in 2014, the documentation will become even more important both for proper reporting of procedures and diagnoses, and for establishing medical necessity.

Join Pamela Biffle, CPC, CPC-P, CPC-I, CHCC, CHCO in this information-packed 60 minute session to learn about the areas where your providers may need additional training to provide clear messages about services and diagnoses. She will provide in-depth information and description for all your Dermatology CPT ® codes for 2014. In addition, Pamela will also present an overview of documentation requirements to safeguard your reimbursement.

Topics covered in the session:

  • Changes to Complex Repair Code changes for 2014
  • How 2014 Changes may impact 2015
  • Better documentation for repair reimbursement
  • Prepare for ICD-10-CM with better documentation
  • Specific documentation tips for specific Dermatological procedures and diagnoses.

Register your spot today to get the 2014 Dermatology coding updates and documentation requirement straight from the expert’s mouth at AudioEducator.com.

Who should attend? Dermatology, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Family Medicine.  Those who select codes and provide feedback to providers will benefit.

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