Billing Medicare without Consultation Codes


Get the latest on what's happening with consult codes.

Consultation codes have thrown every practice for a loop this year. And, with all of the misinformation available, there are still plenty of questions.

Get up-to-the-minute details on: when, where and how consultation codes should be used, documentation best practices, how to handle third party payers and what you need to do to adjust for this change.

Join Duane Abbey, PhD., CFP, for this 90-minute look at using consult codes in 2010.

Take a look at Dr. Abbey will cover:

  • Why, exactly, did CMS drop the use of CPT consultation codes?
  • Learn how third-party payers are going to use the consultation codes
  • When, where and how consultation codes should be used
  • What you need to do to adjust for this change
  • Separating Medicare and non-Medicare coding and documentation
  • Action steps for hospitals with provider-based clinics and for clinics and physician practices
  • How to adjust your coding and documentation for common use of the consultation codes

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