All Around Safety for Refrigerated and Frozen Meat Products

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Thu, Jun 11, 2015
60 minutes
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Understand How to Ensure Safety of Refrigerated and Frozen Food Products By Developing an Effective HACCP Plan.

Most refrigerated and frozen foods require close temperature control during processing and cooling, and even after thermal processing, they rely on temperature to dictate their shelf life. However, that control is lost once it leaves your facility. USDA and, to a lesser extent, FDA are now encouraging additional steps to control food pathogens. There are several kinds of ingredients which are more widely used to extend shelf life and delay the growth of food pathogens and post-packaging techniques to extend shelf life are also being focused on.

Temperature monitoring reduces the cost of spoilage, returns, and liability, which has resulted in it becoming very practical and economical as the costs of this small investment are easily offset by the cost reductions. In this webinar, expert speaker Dr. Rody Hawkins will discuss the best practices for heating and cooling and monitoring these controls. You will get an opportunity to explore the current state of temperature control and monitoring in real time using radio frequency, ZigBee protocol, Bluetooth, and GPS/GPRS Cellular communications. Dr. Hawkins will also discuss practical and cost-effective ways to monitor shipments and easy retrieval of data from one way shipments.

You will understand the continuous processes which are finding ways to eliminate pathogens in final packages and extend shelf life from days to months on refrigerated products. Learn about the latest operational advancements and techniques to economically receive real time temperature data from your facility, cooking operations, and shipments while sitting at your computer. As active ingredients and their control of spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms have advanced quickly over the past 20 years, we will also review the latest ingredients which could help you with your shelf life issues.

Additionally, this training session will discuss the basic steps and recognize the key points in assessing your hazard, developing Critical Control Points (CCPs), and being assured of the effectiveness of your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Plan.

This webinar will answer the following questions:

  • What key factors should you keep in mind to ensure proper temperature control in the processing facility?  
  • What are acceptable deviations and what are acceptable corrective actions?  
  • What kind of technology exists and is evolving in monitoring products through the distribution system?  
  • What type of feedback can you expect in a digital world?  
  • How important are ingredients in improving shelf life and product quality?  
  • Are there more label friendly ingredients than commonly used antimicrobials such as lactates and acetates that are as effective?  
  • How is shelf life extended through packaging?  
  • Should you be concerned with moisture-vapor transmission rate and oxygen transmission rate?  
  • Which food pathogens should you focus on in your hazard analysis?  
  • What is hurdle technology and how can you use it to control food pathogens while improving yield and quality?  
  • What are the limits and benefits and review of the latest techniques in post-packaging processing?
  • How long can food be stores and can a sausage last for 120 days refrigerated?  
  • What are antimicrobial ingredients and which ones are helpful for control, flavor, and labeling?
  • Which antimicrobials are acceptable “clean label” antimicrobials?

Who should attend

  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance VP, Directors, and Managers;
  • Process Control and Product Improvement Personnel (all levels);
  • R&D Personnel (all levels);
  • HACCP and Safe Quality Food (SQF) Practitioners;
  • New Product Development Personnel (all levels)  

At the Q&A session following the live event, ask a question and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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About Our Speaker

Rody Hawkins - Food Safety Regulations Expert

During his 28 years in the of food industry, Dr. Hawkins' experience has been with developing and implementing new food products and solving complex technical problems for many large, medium and small food companies. Dr. Hawkins worked 15 years with GoodMark Foods Research & Development (R&D) becoming one of the world's leading authorities on shelf-stable meats and foods. 

He is recognized for his product knowledge, project management,...   More Info
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