Nutrition Label Claims - Are You Compliant?

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Demystify Different Types of Nutrition Claims

Did you ever stop to think about the label of the food you purchase? Have you wondered how can one canola spread say “low in fat” and the other say “reduced fat”? There are many type of claims— nutrient content claims, health claims, structure function claims and claims that are not regulates per say such as “natural” and “wholesome”. These claims can be direct implied, they could have a required qualifying statement. Not only do labels have to comply with claim requirements so does any and all applicable marketing and advertising.

Expert speaker Anne Sherod will address different types of nutrition claims. She will talk about how a claim can be made on the packaging and in advertising, and share information on how to document or substantiate label claims. Recently, the FDA has proposed two new rules that will impact the format and the content of the nutrition facts panel (NFP) and the (SFP). The session will address these 2 proposals to the extent that they impact label claims.

This program will provide answers to these questions:

  • History of nutrition labeling
  • What is a nutrient content claim?
  • What is a health claim and why are there some qualifying disclaimers?
  • Can I make a “Natural” claim?
  • What documentation do I need to make a claim?
  • To what extent do the proposed rules impact nutritional label and marketing claims?

Benefits of the session:

  • The information in this session will help food Regulatory Affairs professionals develop the skill set required to effectively understand and document nutrition labeling and marketing claims
  • This session will help food Marketing and Sales people understand label claims to assist in making the right claim for the product


Who should attend

  • Food Regulatory Affairs managers
  • Food Safety and quality professionals
  • Food industry trade association representatives
  • Food Marketing and Sales

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About Our Speaker

Anne Sherod - Food Safety Auditor

Anne Sherod is a Director of Food Safety with The Acheson Group.  With her 14 years of experience in food and dietary supplement manufacturing, Anne has led successful teams in the areas of Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory compliance in manufacturing, for both corporate and retail settings. Specific areas of focus include prevention and preparedness like HACCP, current good manufacturing practices, food and dietary supplement labeling, GRAS notifications,...   More Info
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