Norovirus Contamination and Control

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Fri, Dec 08, 2017
120 minutes
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Developing Mitigation Strategies and Surveillance Systems for Norovirus Infection

Norovirus (NoV) is the leading cause of foodborne illness and the most common cause of viral-gastroenteritis worldwide. Large and progressive outbreaks have occurred on cruise ships, in nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, schools, and casinos, just to name a few of the impacted facilities. It is estimated that at least 24 million people worldwide die from infection with NoV or similar strains, on a yearly basis. In the United States, it is estimated that 20 million people will contract NoV infection, yearly.

Failure to identify and mitigate Norovirus outbreaks can have severe effects not only on public health, but also on the affected business. Many operations have had to cease operating for prolonged periods when NoV was not properly controlled. Severe cases of gastroenteritis occasionally appear, usually in immune compromised individuals and the elderly, with high morbidity and mortality in these populations.

Your legal liability is exposed when you do not have control over employees, hygiene, and sanitation and do not act promptly when there are obvious signs of an infected worker or an outbreak is occurring. While outbreaks may not be completely preventable, mitigation strategies developed around the chain of infection model can direct efforts to improve the containment and identification of such outbreaks early, limiting cases and minimizing the resulting disruption of normal operations. It will also protect your business, reduce your legal liability and demonstrate due diligence. Join public health expert Roy E. Costa for a detailed account of how the chain of NoV infection occurs. The session will discuss the mitigation strategies to help you control the spread of NoV infection.

Session Objectives

This session will discuss:

  • The chain of infection of NoV
  • Control points in a systematic fashion
  • How to implement mitigation strategies
  • How to develop surveillance systems

Session Highlights

With this session, you will learn about:

  • Hazard analysis critical control point models, which help guide the controls over elements that make up the chain of infection
  • Mitigation strategies, such as focusing on highly controllable points in the environment
  • Mitigation practices and procedures, such as screening, hand washing, use of barriers when handling food, mandatory reporting requirements for ill workers, and sanitation
  • Environment sanitation performed under a monitored and controlled standard procedure
  • A preventive sanitation strategy to treat the most likely exposure points and areas of suspect contamination before outbreaks occur
  • Surveillance systems and the establishment of health reporting systems to identify trends or increases in cases of gastroenteritis

Who Should Attend

  • Administrators of facilities of all types including healthcare, food service, lodging, gaming, transportation, cruise lines
  • Risk managers in the above facilities and operations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Medical personnel
  • Food service managers
  • Public health nurses
  • Consultants
  • Sanitarians
  • Investigators

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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Roy E. Costa

Roy E. Costa is a public health sanitarian with 40 years of experience in the control of human pathogens through the environment, food and water. Roy has 22 years of experience as a government sanitarian, and educator and 10 years of experience in teaching at the college level. Roy served as Lead Instructor for the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance at Illinois Institute of Technology; Lead Instructor for...   More Info
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