Ingredients and Allergen Declaration for Conventional Foods and Dietary Supplements

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Thu, Aug 23, 2018
60 Minutes
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Learn How to Reduce Your Food Labeling Compliance Risks – and Avoid Product Recalls

The requirements for food ingredient and dietary supplement declaration are complex –and incorrectly declared allergens are one of the main reasons for product recalls. Plus, supplements have additional, not-so-straightforward requirements. If you want to understand the phrasing in the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), there’s only an FDA guidance, no FDA regulation. But you need to understand the “dos” and “don’ts” to correctly interpret potential exemptions that offer regulatory alleviations, as well as other regulatory requirements to ensure you’re in compliance.

Learn how to reduce your food labeling compliance risks and avoid costly product recalls in this webinar by industry veteran Gisela Leon. Leon will decode the regulatory requirements for ingredient declaration in simple, easy-to-understand English – so that you’re fully prepared to meet the regulatory requirements.

Leon will teach you about general provisions, similarities and differences between conventional foods and dietary supplement declarations, correct allergen declarations, potential exemptions, the types of ingredients in dietary supplement declarations, and special dietary ingredient declarations – including formatting requirements.

After attending this webinar, you will be able to correctly review and label your company’s food ingredient and dietary supplement declarations. Food labeling can get complex at times—let Leon decode it for you.

Session Objectives

This session will bring you up to speed with:

  • Ingredient declaration in general
  • Similarities and the differences between ingredient declaration for conventional foods and dietary supplements
  • Correct allergen declaration
  • Potential exemptions from the general requirements of ingredient declaration
  • Types of ingredients in dietary supplements
  • Declaration of “special” dietary ingredients

Session Highlights

You will:

  • Understand ingredient declaration requirements in general in simple English
  • Learn what allergens are and how to appropriately declare them
  • Know about potential exemptions from the general requirements of ingredient declaration
  • Understand ingredient declaration similarities and differences between conventional foods and dietary supplements
  • Learn about the types of ingredients in dietary supplements and their declaration requirements
  • Learn about “special” dietary ingredient declaration requirements, e.g. botanical ingredients, extracts and proprietary blends
  • Learn from examples based on regulatory requirements
  • Have regulatory references listed in one place

Who Should Attend

  • Regulatory staff in food and dietary supplement companies
  • Label reviewers
  • Label creators (because the regulations include formatting requirements)



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About Our Speaker

Gisela Leon

Gisela Leon has over 30 years of expert knowledge in international labeling. She is well-experienced in U.S. labeling requirements for food, dietary supplements and cosmetics, in European food laws and multi-language labeling. As a regulatory consultant, she focuses on a concise review process, having reviewed hundreds of labels for U.S. compliance and brought international products into compliance with U.S. regulations. Her international labeling background allows...   More Info
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